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Tier 1 Cyber Partners with Vendorpedia to Support Client’s CMMC

Leading cybersecurity consulting firm leverages Vendorpedia to provide the CMMC assistance to DoD vendors and subcontractors

April 27, 2020

OneTrust VendorpediaTM, the largest and most widely used technology platform to operationalize third-party risk management, today announced that leading cybersecurity consulting firm Tier 1 Cyber is using the platform to help their clients prepare for the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)Tier 1 Cyber leverages Vendorpedia’s Assessments and Due Diligence product as well as the Global Risk Exchange.

Read the Case Study: Tier 1 Cyber Arms Customers with OneTrust Vendorpedia to Tackle CMMC Supply Chain Operations

Tier 1 Cyber, was founded to bring the expertise gained from protecting the nation’s most vital intelligence and military assets to the commercial sector. The company’s mission is to deliver world-class cybersecurity services to small and mid-size businesses that require advanced data protection. With Vendorpedia, Tier 1 Cyber is able to evaluate a supplier’s CMMC process and practice maturity, mitigate associated risks, add business context to supplier risks, manage key contract terms, access pre-populated research via Vendorpedia’s Global Risk Exchange, monitor supplier risk and performance, and ultimately save money and reallocate resources.

“Vendorpedia has been a force multiplier for Tier 1 Cyber clients, and to say that it has utility is an understatement,” said Bret Cohen, President and CEO of Tier 1 Cyber. “Tier 1 Cyber looks forward to a continued partnership with Vendorpedia and will continue to utilize the solution in CMMC client engagements and beyond.”

“Tier 1 Cyber’s deployment of Vendorpedia strategically positions the company’s clients to better address and efficiently manage emerging CMMC supply chain obligations,” said Kabir Barday, CEO at OneTrust. “As Tier 1 Cyber continues to streamline and automate CMMC and third-party vendor processes, we look forward to providing the most intelligent and easy-to-use solution to meet the complex needs of organizations today.”

To learn more about how Tier 1 Cyber leverages OneTrust Vendorpedia for client’s CMMC operations, read the case study. For additional information, or to request a live OneTrust Vendorpedia demo, visit


About Tier 1 Cyber

Tier 1 Cyber is setting a new cybersecurity standard leveraging a team of experts possessing more than 20 years of experience designing, building and implementing integrated cybersecurity programs for the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. Our proprietary Tier 1 Secure™ certification program enables organizations to exceed the latest U.S. and international best practices, significantly reducing the financial, operational and reputational costs of negative cyber events. The Tier 1 Cyber certification process includes the most aggressive assessment on the market by the most elite team. This over 1,000 point assessment evaluates the technical, business, regulatory and compliance needs of an organization and is 10 times more robust than standard siloed reviews. Launched by government cybersecurity contractor Edgesource Corporation, Tier 1 Cyber mitigates vulnerabilities to evolving and elusive threats so organizations and their partners can operate with confidence.


About OneTrust Vendorpedia

OneTrust Vendorpedia™ is the largest and most widely used technology platform to operationalize third party risk, security, and privacy management. More than 5,000 customers of all sizes use OneTrust, which is powered by 75 awarded patents, to offer the most depth and breadth of any third-party risk, security, and privacy solution in the market. OneTrust Vendorpedia is purpose-built software designed to help organizations manage vendor relationships with confidence and integrates seamlessly with the entire OneTrust platform, including – OneTrust Privacy, OneTrust GRC, OneTrust DataGuidance™, and OneTrust PreferenceChoice™.

To learn more, visit or connect on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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