HackNotice and OneTrust partner for deeper third-party threat intelligence

OneTrust customers can take advantage of HackNotice’s near real-time breach alerts

June 1, 2023

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There were 1,802 data compromises in 2022 in the U.S., impacting more than 422 million individuals, according to Statista. The forms in which these incidents occurred included data breaches, leakage, and exposure. What do those three impacts have in common? In each instance, sensitive data was accessed by an unauthorized user.

As the digital landscape continues to widen with each piece of data created (some 2.5 quintillion bytes per day), businesses are becoming more susceptible to risk and security incidents with every mouse click. 

And so are the organizations they work with, many of whom have access to sensitive data as the cost of doing business together. That’s why monitoring and managing third parties is a necessity for every organization. The more your security team knows about the third parties it works with, the better opportunities there are to be proactive in reducing risk.

OneTrust has partnered with HackNotice, so customers can not only assess the security posture of their third parties, but also be notified of any past or present security incidents those organizations may have endured. 


What is HackNotice?

HackNotice is an industry-leading threat awareness platform that scours the dark web for data breaches and notifies users in real time when their data has been leaked. Then, HackNotice helps users rapidly take the steps needed to safeguard their data, turning breaches and leaks into teachable moments that build good security habits. 

With a dataset of nearly 40 billion leaked records, which grows daily, HackNotice also offers a number of additional powerful applications that let companies stay updated and in full control of their threat surfaces and security situation. 

Specifically, HackNotice’s Third Party Monitoring capability sends near real-time alerts about any breaches related to third parties (such as vendors), and also provides a historical profile for each third party being monitored, including past dark web exposure and a synopsis of their historical breaches. 

With this ability, users can monitor their third parties to stay in the know for any breaches that may affect their business, allowing them to quickly initiate incident response.


What is the OneTrust Third-Party Risk Exchange?

The OneTrust Third-Party Risk Exchange enables customers to access risk ratings and critical information on thousands of third parties to streamline third-party risk evaluations, monitor for new threats, and trigger automated workflows when new risks arise. 

The Third-Party Risk Exchange brings together real-time data feeds from leading risk intelligence providers into a single dashboard, displaying more than a dozen data points on each third party. This centralized view enables greater risk-informed decisions, providing granular details across risk domains, including financials, operations, compliance, ethics, ESG, privacy, cybersecurity, and more. 

The risk intelligence data enables you to continuously monitor your extended enterprise between assessments and can be used as a baseline to tailor the depth of third-party risk assessments, enabling you to focus on the most critical risks. In addition, the Exchange actively listens for data and scoring changes and can automatically trigger intervention workflows, allowing you to take immediate action without manual monitoring.


How does the partnership work?

By giving access to HackNotice’s near real-time threat awareness capability within the OneTrust Third-Party Risk Exchange, users can see if a company they are working with or considering partnering with has reported data breaches or leaks across official channels.

As a result, this creates greater awareness among OneTrust users, and provides better context as customers evaluate vendors. 

Learn more about OneTrust and HackNotice’s partnership in this webinar on Tuesday, June 13 at 11 a.m. ET, and request a demo to see how the collaboration works in real time.

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