A recent surge in ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure suggests a trend in cybercrime for the year. Groups of bad actors are targeting countries’ essential services (oil, food production, etc.) because their criticality to daily life creates a more urgent requirement to pay the ransom, showcasing the realities of vulnerabilities for corporations, governments, and civil society groups. As of early June, we’ve seen two more attacks following this pattern: 

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The Attack on JBS 

JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company, fell victim to a successful ransomware attack in June 2021, requiring day-to-day operations to come to a complete halt and leaving 9 of their beef plants closed. As of Tuesday, June 2, most of their plants have come back online and the company planned to be fully operational by Wednesday, June 3. 

JBS notified the White House of the attack and explained that the ransom demand came from a criminal organization likely based in Russia. On June 3, the FBI confirmed that REvil, a Russian-based gang of cybercriminals known for making large ransomware demands as of recent months, was behind the attack. 

The White House has responded to the ransomware attack by aiding JBS. Additionally, the Department of Agriculture is continually working with JBS management in the aftermath of the incident.  

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The Attack on M.T.A 

The M.T.A recently reported that in April 2021, a hacking group with suspected ties to China infiltrated the New York transit agency’s computer systems. The attack has had no known, large impact since the group did not gain access to the systems that would directly impact rider safety or information. However, this attack follows the emerging pattern of cybercriminals targeting critical infrastructure and exposes potential weaknesses in transportation networks across the nation.  

What Happens Next?

The White House is acting immediately, engaging directly with the governments in question regarding recent attacks. Additionally, the FBI is investigating all reported incidents, coordinating with CISA to offer support to the companies that are recovering from the attacks, and ensuring that the appropriate agencies are communicating with key players across industries to notify them of recent attack trends to prepare them in the event they are targeted next and mitigate overall risk.  

President Biden has made it clear that national and global cybersecurity is a priority for his administration, launching a strategic review to address new threat trends across four lines of effort:  

  1. Distribution of ransomware infrastructure and actors working closely with the private sector.
  2. Building an international coalition to hold countries who harbor ransom actors accountable.
  3. Expanding cryptocurrency analysis to find and pursue criminal transaction.
  4. Reviewing the USG’s ransomware policies. 

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Register for the webinar: US Cybersecurity Executive Order: How It Will Impact Your Vendor Risk Strategy 

Register for the webinar: Ransomware Hacks: Are Your Vendors Vulnerable? 

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