UK panel: Automating the ​classification and mapping of sensitive data

Businesses are processing more data, doing so with changing, new, and emerging technologies. At the same time, the regulatory landscape evolves, adding complexity and nuance to the definition and scope of data across regions. Manual classification is no longer an efficient or effective solution for managing the businesses’ compliance and security obligations, as this strategy typically results in under-classification. 

With automated data classification and mapping, privacy, security, and data governance professionals can mature their programs beyond tick-the-box compliance activities toward data intelligence and governance programs that embed data policies, controls, and principles throughout the business. This enables the business to confidently use data in a way that is compliant, ethical, and trusted by default.

Join us for this this interactive panel as we discuss:

  • Constructing a formal classification schema, and considerations for classifying data that falls under the purview of sectoral, regulatory, or contractual obligations
  • The benefits of using data mapping and classification to identify at risk sensitive data
  • How to leverage data discovery to accurately classify all types of data, allowing cross-functional collaboration across privacy, security, and data governance functions

Featured speakers

Joseph Byrne

Principal Solutions Engineer, OneTrust

Iain Borner

Professional Services Director, The Data Privacy Group

Hellen Beveridge

Senior Manager, Data Responsibility Privacy Delivery, Cognizant

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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