Automate Your Privacy Program Checklist

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Download the checklist and discover the steps you can take to automate your privacy program.


Managing your privacy program is an essential part of any business and privacy professionals know that there are many aspects of a strong privacy program that need to be carried out routinely. Areas such as incident response and privacy rights requests are critical parts of a privacy program, but each has multiple steps and these processes can be time-consuming when done manually. Therefore, organizations need to adopt some level of automation to effectively maintain and manage their privacy programs.  


This checklist highlights the many steps that can be taken to automate a privacy program, including: 

  • Data discovery
  • Data mapping & inventory
  • Privacy management
    • Privacy impact assessments
    • Privacy rights requests
    • Incident management
    • Policy & notice management

Use this checklist to mark your progress as you automate the steps outlined and highlight priority areas that need addressing. All the steps in the checklist can be automated through OneTrust’s privacy management software 

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