Is Redaction Relevant? Unpacking Employee DSAR Complexities

Resource Privacy Rights

As employees become more aware of their privacy rights under the GDPR and other global privacy laws, there is an increase in employees requesting access to the data that is stored about them. These DSARs are becoming more common, and organizations must be prepared to combat the complexities of fulfilling these requests without compromising other people’s sensitive data and operationalize the process for one of their key stakeholders: employees.

Watch the OneTrust webinar, where our Data Redaction Offering specialist discusses privacy rights in the context of employment and how to identify when the need for redaction is relevant.

Key Takeaways Include:
  • A look into the complexities of employee privacy rights under privacy laws, such as the GDPR
  • Outlining scenarios that could contribute to employee DSARs
  • How DSAR Redaction minimizes the risk of compromised data and automates the DSAR fulfillment process

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