4 Steps to Enhance Your DSAR Pro...
4 Steps to Enhance Your DSAR Process wit...

4 Steps to Enhance Your DSAR Process with Redaction

Leverage DSAR automation for the quickest and most secure path towards compliance

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Regulations such as the GDPR and CPRA have brought consumer privacy rights into the spotlight. Because of this, businesses have seen an increase in the number and type of privacy rights requests (DSAR) they receive. Often, they fall into two categories: employee & consumer requests. It’s important for organizations to evaluate the types of requests and the amount of sensitive information that is held within the files and documents being requested.   

Organizations need to look for ways to automate not only the intake and fulfillment of DSARs, but the redaction process as well. Many organizations are still using manual removal methods which create the possibility for errors in redaction and data safety, automation creates a more secure outcome.   

These steps will help you enhance your DSAR process with automated redaction. Helping your organization take the quickest and most secure path towards compliance.  

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