IAPP and OneTrust Announce the Availability of a Free Data Mapping Automation Tool for IAPP Members 


OneTrust, along with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the world’s largest association of privacy professionals, announced the availability of a free data mapping automation tool for IAPP members. 

The integration of the data mapping automation tool into OneTrust’s existing PIA and website scanning tools allows IAPP privacy professionals to have a more automated, efficient and simple approach to keeping data flow records up to date, allowing for a more operationalized data protection workflow. 

 The IAPP-OneTrust Data Mapping Automation tool enables privacy teams to collaborate with business and IT stakeholders to systematically inventory and update personal data flows, applications and processing activities. The tool helps organizations meet the record keeping obligations of Article 30 in GDPR, and other privacy frameworks, by enabling privacy professionals to: 

  • Select a pre-defined template, for example a GDPR Article 30 template 
  • Customize the template to add or remove attributes, data elements, categories of data subjects, terminology, and other values based on unique business requirements 
  • Populate the data flow inventory via a number of hybrid approaches such as questionnaires, scanning, workshops, or bulk import 
  • Generate visual data maps automatically and dynamically based on the underlying data that has been populated in the inventory 
  • Keep it up to date with an included PIA module to capture data flows from new projects being reviewed, auditing, and ongoing scan results 

The new Data Mapping Automation tool is integrated into the comprehensive IAPP-OneTrust platform already offered to IAPP members at no cost. By registering for the new tool, IAPP members get access to the full suite of IAPP and OneTrust products

OneTrust’s collaboration with the IAPP and commitment to ongoing innovation continues to make OneTrust the leading, fastest growing, and most comprehensive privacy management software platform on the market. 

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