Today at RSA Conference 2019, OneTrust announced Vendorpedia™,the industry’s only security and privacy third-party risk exchange. Available today for all OneTrust Vendor Risk Management customers, Vendorpedia is a critical element of the OneTrust Vendor Risk Management platform, empowering enterprises to access detailed research, retrieve pre-completed risk assessments and get continuous updates on more than 6,000 global third-party vendors. OneTrust’s vendor risk capabilities earned the Cyber Defense Magazine Infosec Award for Best Product Vendor Risk Management, announced today at RSA.

Visit Vendorpedia today to access privacy and security profiles of 6,000+ third-party vendors

Register for the webinar: First Look: OneTrust Vendor Risk Management & Vendorpedia Exchange on March 14 at 16:00 GMT/11:00am ET

 The Vendorpedia Third-Party Risk Exchange simplifies the complexities of ongoing third-party security and privacy risk identification, mitigation, and monitoring on a global scale. Vendorpedia is the only third-party risk exchange the bridges the gap between security and privacy vendor risk, mapping to frameworks, standards and regulations.

Streamline third-party vendor risk management at scale by leveraging:

  • Research on 6,000+ third-party vendor security and privacy profiles: Instantly access a repository of third-party vendor information, including active privacy and security certifications, trust registrations, and much more.
  • Pre-completed and validated assessments: Quickly retrieve pre-completed assessments from third-party vendors map and support NIST, SIG, CSA CAIQ, ISO, FedRAMP, GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation, and more.
  • Ongoing updates with third-party vendor risk monitoring: Information within third-party security and privacy profiles and answers to pre-completed assessments are continuously updated as changes occur.

OneTrust works with specified vendors to help accelerate risk assessment time-to-completion with ongoing managed services, including:

  • Self Attestation: Third-party vendors complete and self-attest to the validity of their pre-completed assessment.
  • Automated Validation: OneTrust, via a risk identification algorithm, will validate that risk assessment answers are fully completed and relevant.
  • Onsite & Remote Audit: Request a remote or onsite audit directly through the exchange, performed by our extensive global network of auditing partners.

OneTrust at RSA Conference:

Visit OneTrust at RSA Conference at booth #4236 and hear OneTrust discuss “From GDPR to California Privacy: Managing Cloud Vendor Risk” at the CSA Summit at RSA Conference on Monday, March 4th at 10:55 AM PDT in Moscone South Second Floor.


  • Register for the webinar: First Look: OneTrust Vendor Risk Management & Vendorpedia Exchange on March 14 at 16:00 GMT/11:00am ET
  • Learn more and watch a video about Vendorpedia
  • Download the Vendor Risk Management Handbook
  • Read about OneTrust Vendor Risk Management
  • Access the Ovum report: OneTrust accelerates vendor risk capabilities with CSA partnership

For more information, follow our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and read our press release. Visit Vendorpedia to learn more about the industry’s only security and privacy third-party risk exchange.