Today, OneTrust announced availability of OneTrust Government Records Request Automation solution. This new technology  helps government entities automate the records request process from request intake to data discovery and redaction, through the delivery of information securely to the requester.

The Government Records Request Automation solution combines automation elements like AI-driven data discovery and classification, automated data redaction, and a secure communication portal into a single solution that supports the US Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act as well as State and Local Public Records Requests (PRR).

Watch the webinar: Discover & Redact Data: Automating Government Records Requests

Government agencies are faced with more open records requests than ever before and individuals are becoming increasingly aware of their rights to request information. As a result, agencies are looking to modernize the fulfillment of FOIA and public records requests to provide less resource intensive responses while fostering trust with constituents.

With OneTrust Government Records Request Automation, government entities can dynamically triage records requests, create a more secure and accurate fulfillment process, and improve response times. The technology brings together OneTrust’s AI-driven data discovery, intake templates, automated workflows, and data redaction to give agencies the ability to scale their program when an influx of requests are received. The solution also offers a secure two-way communication portal and maintains a full audit trail of communications to easily demonstrate compliance.

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