Several articles of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) focus on the rights of data subjects, including data portability, access, erasure and rectification. In the two weeks since the GDPR went into effect, it’s likely many companies have been flooded with data subject requests.

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Processing data subject requests takes time, energy and money, especially when done manually. Handling data subject requests require organizations to verify the data subject’s identity, find their data across many systems, take action on that data when necessary and communicate securely with the data subject.

But processing DSAR requests doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and onerous process. We purpose-built the OneTrust DSAR portal to help companies automate this process from request to reporting. In the two weeks since GDPR went into effect, we’ve helped customers process 10,000+ subject requests.

Watch a 5-minute demo video of OneTrust’s DSAR Portal:

Through automated workflows, advanced reporting and templated responses, OneTrust’s DSAR portal helps reduce the time organizations spend fulfilling each request. Some of our key features include:

To learn more, read our press release and attend our webinar to see how to automate data subject rights requests with OneTrust.

Read the press release: OneTrust’s Enhanced Data Subject Access Rights (DSAR) Portal Automates Over 10,000 Requests within Two Weeks of GDPR