Incident and Breach Management

Automated Incident Notification Compliance Workflow

OneTrust Enables Enterprises to Meet Breach Compliance Requirements

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Meet Global Data Breach Notification Requirements

Breach notification laws have matured and are now global and mainstream. These laws are unique in their incident reporting requirements and continue to impose stricter timelines to notify authorities of a breach. In some cases, this window is as little as 24 hours. Given the tightened requirements set forth by these notification laws, organizations need to maintain up-to-data documentation, include more data, and effectively mitigate risk to provide a complete, evidentiary record of precisely what happened to the affected data, and when. Leverage OneTrust’s automated Incident and Breach solution, along with guidance from OneTrust DataGuidance Research Portal, to develop an incident plan that effectively meets breach notification laws and maintains compliance in today’s evolving landscape of data privacy and protection.

Log, track, and produce incident records needed for compliance

Obtain guidance on breach notification requirements

Manage and automate your incident and breach response playbook

Why OneTrust Incident and Breach Response

Minimize Incident Damage

Avoid oversight and recover quickly from incidents

CCPA Opt-Out of Sale
Strengthen Company Defenses

Gain valuable insights sources from the world’s most extensive inventory of up-to-date laws and regulations: Global Law Engine

Demonstrate Compliance & Maintain Trust

Meet breach notification requirements and gain the confidence of customers


Start Building Your Incident Library

Automate data breach record-keeping and maintain a list of all incidents captured or recorded within OneTrust’s centrally controlled database. View an up-to-date record of incidents and track changes to incident records, including tasks and subtasks, the assigned user, and deadlines.

Drill into Incident Details

Locate and access essential details and provide users with in-depth insight into an incident to fulfill notification requirements. Launch and link assessments to incidents for more detailed information, and access records of completed assessments and stage progression.


Gain a Holistic View of All Incidents

Easily monitor and analyze reported incidents with customized dashboards and summary level reporting. Gain insights into new incidents and potential risks with dynamic visualizations provided on a modern interface.

Manage Jurisdictional Impact

View notification urgency and access guidance to meet incident notification requirements by jurisdiction. Organize and manage notification requirements based on jurisdictional impact.

Visualize Cross-Border Impact

See how data flows within your organization with a comprehensive view of data transfers and locate data assets based on incident details with a cross-border data map. Identify and highlight high risk data processing within jurisdictional impact to understand where legal transfer methods need to be in preparation for a breach.

Streamline and Simplify Breach Investigations and Notifications

Identify All Threats and Vulnerabilities

Conduct regular assessments of your organization to reveal areas where your data could be at risk and obtain mitigation recommendations based on guidance from global privacy laws. Automatically flag and inventory risks during incident assessments when breaches occur.

Understand the Total Impact of Incidents

Easily identify an incident’s risk level along with the affected data to understand how it’s used and who has access to it. Automatically gather data flow insights to determine if data access and usage complies with global data breach laws.

Streamline Incident Response

Leverage custom workflows for your incident response program to effectively investigate and manage incidents with task-based stages to prioritize and fulfill reporting requirements. Instantly respond to incidents in a manner compliant with data breach privacy laws.

Gain Insight into Global Notification Requirements

Leverage DataGuidance™ by OneTrust to research global data breach regulations for requirements, timelines, and regulator contact details. Obtain notification recommendations and easy-to-use notification templates from more than 100 data breach laws.

Dynamic Incident Notification Assessment

Help your organization automatically determine applicable notification requirements and the next steps with a context-aware incident assessment. Kickstart incident investigations with a Dynamic Incident Notification Assessment (DINA) for guidance on who, what, and when a notification should occur.

Take Decisive Action with Faster Notifications

Save time on consumer and regulatory notifications with ready-to-send notification templates tailored to the requirements of data breach laws and regulatory guidelines. Receive practical guidance on how to deliver notification to regulators with up-to-date incident details.


Improve Risk Reduction with Accountability

Improve mitigation accountability with task and owner assignments, deadlines, and automated reminders. Help your team focus on priorities with alerts that notify task owners to address risks promptly.

Track Mitigation Progress

Drive mitigation efforts forward with risk progress reporting and dynamic dashboards to track workflow stages and hold risk owners accountable for resolving incidents by the deadline. Evaluate risk mitigation performance to understand risk treatment and provide recommendations to risk owners.

View Incidents in a Single Report

Store all incident details and track data breaches in a centrally controlled, automated database to maintain records compliant with global data breach laws. Easily document assessments and attachment for evidence and track admin actions for auditing.

Establish Breach Documentation

Document breach investigation progress and procedures as it develops, including activities, risk assessment, and notifications to demonstrate proper accountability. Maintain and up-to-date record of key factors through every stage and access a full history of incident activities from the initial reporting to notification and resolution.

Demonstrate Compliance with Audit Trails

Create and share reports detailing incident and mitigation actions to demonstrate compliance when reporting to authorities. Leverage auto-generated, exportable audit trails to prove compliance and provide authorities and consumers with information related to the breach.

Simplify Incident Reporting

Leverage incident notification and report templates to easily communicate breach details to regulators. Quickly pull simple and scalable reports to generate comprehensive, detailed reports for authorities.

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