Policy Management Software for a Single Source of Truth

Identify forms, policies, and disclosures that exist across digital properties. Update and automatically publish them to the right destination within specific time periods to adhere to the range of global privacy regulations.

Comprehensive Web Scanning Icon

Comprehensive Web Scanning

Use automation to audit your websites and apps to identify and keep track of policies that need to be maintained.

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Full Customization

Leverage pre-built templates as a starting point and then configure your own branded policies to display uniquely based on the geographical region.

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Reliable Integrations

Easily push policies and notices live across domains or apps via CMS plugins, tag manager, or mobile SDK.

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Simplify Monitoring and Notifications

Centrally manage and update policies across digital assets and eliminate the need for custom coding and manual development processes.

Streamline Policy and Notice Management

Example of Website Policy Scans with the OneTrust Platform

Scan Websites and Mobile Apps for Policies and Notices

Identify policies across all your digital properties to update and maintain consistency. Schedule automatic website scans to locate policies across your digital properties and detect policies on both public-facing sites and those behind user login. Build an inventory of current policy lists and where they are linked on websites and detect hosting pages that may be missing needed policy or notice links.

Example of Policy Management and Disclosures with OneTrust

Design, Upload and Host Policies and Disclosures

Design and create policies leveraging the template gallery, rich editing, and responsive designs that best fit your organization’s brand. Leverage role-based access control based on the individual or organizational group and create a single policy that scales across 100+ languages.

Centralize storage of policy designs, templates, and versions in a single repository and integrate with Cookie Consent to auto-populate updated cookie lists into your cookie policy.

Policy Sync Example

Sync Across Your Web and App Properties

Use unique scripts for your policies to publish across your digital channels with minimal development work. Integrate policies with your existing Content Management System (CMS) via plugins and deploy policies and notices across domains or apps via tag manager or mobile SDK.

Example of Policy Monitoring and Management with the OneTrust Platform

Easily Manage and Monitor Policy Updates and Versions

Policy versioning can be a big issue for many organizations. With OneTrust, you can grant specific team members access rights to collaborate on policies during update periods while maintaining version control for publicly available policies. View a full audit log of changes and monitor policies on a regular basis for consistency across websites and applications.

Automate Updates Across Digital Properties and Minimize Development Work

Learn how Digital Policy Management can help your organization eliminate the manual processes associated with policies, notices, and disclosures.

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