One Platform, Full DSAR Automation

OneTrust automates the full request lifecycle from intake through fulfillment including data discovery, redaction, and secure response.

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Automated Data Discovery & Classification

Automatically discover, classify, and redact data in a single workflow without manual tasks.

Time & Cost Savings

Manual data discovery and redaction are time consuming and costly. OneTrust helps reduce costs by automating these manual processes across large data sets.

Automatically Discover & Redact Sensitive Information

Leverage AI & NLP models to automatically find unstructured files linked to the requestor, classify data within those files, and automatically redact sensitive information that shouldn’t be shared with the requestor like the personal data of others or confidential company information.

Redact Any File, No Matter the Format

OneTrust DSAR Redaction leverages the latest technology across AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automate redaction across file types including documents, PDFs, images, spreadsheets, presentations, emails and many more. 

Data Redaction

Review What’s Important, Automate the Rest

OneTrust displays confidence levels for each classification and redaction, enabling you to auto-approve or trigger additional review workflows based on the AI’s confidenceAs you review redaction suggestionsOneTrust automatically learns from these actions and updates its predictions in real-time. 

OneTrust for Growing Businesses

Embed Redaction into Your DSAR Fulfillment Process

OneTrust DSAR Redaction is fully integrated with the OneTrust Privacy Rights (DSAR) module, so data redaction is embedded as part of your existing DSAR workflows and results are easily shared through OneTrust’s secure communication portal.

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