Intake Requests Through Existing Employee Portals

Leverage pre-built integrations and configurable web forms to embed employee request intake into existing HRIS, recruiting, or other employee-facing tools.


Scale Data Discovery Across Larger Data Sets

Companies have more unstructured data, such as PDFs, emails, and chats, on employees than consumers. OneTrust helps scale data discovery & classification across large data sets.

Ensure Employee Privacy with Automated Data Redaction

Unstructured employee data often houses sensitive company data, as well as others’ personal data. Leverage AI-driven data redaction to remove sensitive data before responding to the requestor.

Streamline the Intake Process with Templates & Customization

Simplify the employee privacy rights requests process with pre-built intake templates or by creating customized forms. Once an individual has submitted a request, easily validate their identity through an existing employee portal or single sign-on capabilities before routing the request.

Simplify & Automate Workflows

With the ability to automate workflows and tasks for your teams, you can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to fulfill an employee privacy rights request. Workflows can be automatically triggered based on rules, confidence scores, or existing processes and can assign tasks to different reviewers. 

Automate Data Discovery

Employee data often has large amounts of sensitive data housed in unstructured files, such as emails, PDFs, or chats. Automatically discover, classify, and inventory employee data across your IT ecosystem.

Redact Sensitive Data that Should Not be Shared

Replace manual tasks by leveraging the latest technology to automate redaction of sensitive data that is comingled with others’ personal data or proprietary company information across unstructured file types. 

Maintain Secure Communication & Reporting

With OneTrust’s secure messaging portal, easily communicate with employee data subjects throughout the fulfillment process. Access historical data about requests to keep up with benchmarking and reporting requirements.

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