One Platform, Fully Automated

OneTrust automates each step of the process from the intake of the request, to data discovery and redaction, to reporting and secure delivery to the requester.

Automated Data Discovery & Redaction

Automatically discover, classify, and redact data in a single workflow without getting bogged down with manual tasks.

Save Time & Money

Manual data discovery, redaction, and workflow coordination are time consuming and costly. OneTrust assists in reducing costs by automating your manual processes.


Make a Complex Requests Process Simpler with Automation

Prepare for records requests from start to finish by leveraging the latest AI technology. Automatically discover, classify, and index information across structured and unstructured data sources, including redacting sensitive information and any associated metadata. OneTrust helps you from the moment you receive a record request to the moment it’s fulfilled through the secure portal.

Automatically Discover & Redact Data

When a record request comes in, there is often large amounts of unstructured data. OneTrust Government Records Request Automation leverages the latest technology to automate the manual process of discovering and redacting sensitive data across any file type.

Automate Workflows

With the ability to automate workflows and tasks for your teams, you can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to fulfill a records request. Workflows can be automatically triggered based on rules, confidence scores, or existing processes and can assign tasks to different reviewers. Track deadlines and leave comments to collaborate with team members and stakeholders throughout the redaction and review process. 

DSAR Overview

Build Trust with the Public

Reporting functionality enables you to access the data about requests in order to share with the public in an easy to understand manner. Leverage executive dashboards for reports and benchmarking for internal and external reviews.

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