Policy and Notice Management

Centrally Track, Monitor and Update Across Websites and Apps

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Policy and Notice Management

Global privacy laws like the CCPA and GDPR have created many challenges for organizations trying to manage privacy policies and disclosures throughout their digital channels. The complexity of managing policies across the range of regulations, geographical regions, languages and digital platforms has become inefficient, unscalable for businesses of all sizes.

Companies need to be able to identify web forms, policies and disclosures that exist across their digital properties and update and publish them within specific time periods to adhere to the range of global privacy regulations.

The OneTrust Policy and Notice Management solution simplifies the complex process of creating, updating, and monitoring policies across websites and applications into one central location while eliminating the need of complex development work.

Policy and Notice Management

Scan Websites and Mobile Apps for Policies

Design, Upload & Host Policies and Disclosures

Integrate with Websites and Applications

Manage & Monitor Updates and Versions

OneTrust Policy and Notice Management Solution

OneTrust Policy and Notice Management helps organizations eliminate the manual processes of identifying and tracking policies across their websites and apps and allows businesses to display unique policies based on the geographical region and regulations specific to the visitor’s location. Businesses can also enable policies with multilingual capabilities to display in local languages based on browser preferences. The OneTrust Policy and Notice Management solution enables organizations to centrally manage and update policies across their digital landscape while eliminating the need for custom coding and manual backend development processes.

Scan Websites & Apps for Policies

Identify policies across all of your digital properties to update and maintain for consistency.

  • Schedule website scans to locate policies across your digital properties
  • Detect policies on both public-facing sites and those behind user login pages
  • Build an inventory of current policy lists and where they are linked on websites
  • Detect hosting pages that may be missing needed policy or notice links

Design, Upload & Host Policies & Disclosures

Build policies with responsive designs that fit your organization.

  • Design and create policies leveraging the template gallery, rich editing, and responsive designs
  • Leverage role-based access control base on the individual and organizational group
  • Create a single policy and scale across 100+ languages with multilingual capabilities
  • Centralize storage of policy designs, templates, and versions in a single repository
  • Integrate with OneTrust Cookie Consent to auto-populate updated cookie list into your cookie policy

Integrate with Websites & Applications

Publish policies across your digital channels with minimal development work.

  • Generate unique scripts for your policies with no need of development work
  • Integrate policies with your existing Content Management System (CMS) via plugins
  • Deploy policies and notices across domains or apps via a tag manager or mobile SDK

Manage & Monitor Policy Updates & Versions

Update policies with built-in access controls and granular version control.

  • Grant specific team members access rights to collaborate on policies during updating periods
  • Maintain version control for publicly available policies and view full audit log of changes
  • Monitor policies on a regular basis for consistency across websites and applications

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