Simplify How You Manage the Full Incident Lifecycle

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Intake and Investigate

Inform your incident response team of all the key metrics and context needed to understand the impact of the data breach on affected individuals.

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Assess and Notify

Auto-generate incident handling guidance and respond confidently with notification templates for 300+ jurisdictions.

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Reduce Privacy Incidents

Automate root cause analyses after every data security incident to reduce the chances of the same incident occurring again.


The Search for a Solution That Unites Privacy, Security, and Governance

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At every step we take together, the return on investment is excellent, especially evaluating everything that was previously done manually that we are now able to automate with OneTrust.

Cainã Gomez, Head of Governance, Risk and Compliance

Protect Personal Data and Mitigate Risk

Add New Incident Intake Screen Example

Improve Incident Visibility

Intake incidents immediately through pre-built, configurable incident web forms or integrations to your existing SIEM/DLP, email provider, and ITSM tools. Enable business administrators to add incidents and capture key incident metrics up-front or track breach response progress and notification deadlines with easy-to-use centralized dashboards.

Privacy Incident Details Screen Example

Streamline Investigation

Simplify incident response with rule-based automated workflows based on law, location, or severity. Gather all the context needed to understand the impact of an incident with a centralized record of the activity history, subtasks, and supporting documentation. You can even link incidents to your Data Map and vendor inventory to aggregate critical information, including contractual obligations, data stored, and potential risks.

Incident Management Guidance Summary Map Image

Auto-Generate Guidance Through Multi-Jurisdictional Analysis

React faster with initial breach assessment automation using OneTrust DataGuidance intelligence. Respond confidently with built-in breach notification assessment templates from 300+ jurisdictions and leverage a single assessment that gathers all the necessary information for each jurisdictional requirement to inform the appropriate response strategy.

Incident Management Notification Example Screen

Simplify Privacy Incident Response and Breach Notifications

Save time deciding what to put into applicable global notification reports with built-in templates. Consolidate the notification process with assigned owners, deadlines, and automated reminders. Find the right information faster with flexible reporting customization and intuitive filtering.

Privacy Incident Management Dashboard Example

Mitigate Risks and Increase Compliance Readiness

Demonstrate compliance with auto-generated, exportable audit trails or automate root cause analyses after every incident to identify downstream mitigation tactics to reduce the chances of incident re-occurrence. Optimize your Incident Response program with KPI tracking and incident reporting dashboards for key stakeholders.

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