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Privacy Incident Management

Streamline response to incidents and data breaches

Effectively manage the full privacy incident lifecycle and comply with global notification requirements with OneTrust Privacy Incident Management.

  • Aggregate metrics and context for your incident response team to simplify investigation
  • Deploy one of 300 jurisdiction templates for ease of notification
  • Reduce incident recurrence with automated root cause analyses

Protect personal data and mitigate risk 

Intake incidents through pre-built, configurable web forms to your existing SIEM/DLP, email provider, and ITSM tools. Use dashboards to enable business administrators to add events and capture key metrics up-front or track breach response progress and notification deadlines over time.

An web form where a user could record a new privacy incident. The form was created using OneTrust's Privacy Incident Management module.

Deploy rule-based automated workflows based on law, location, or severity and gather all the context needed to understand the impact of an incident.

  • View a centralized record of activity history, subtasks, and documentation 
  • Link incidents to your Data Map and vendor inventory to aggregate critical information, like contractual obligations or data stored.
A privacy incident's details with metadata that includes date reported, the root cause, details, and assignee. The user can choose to move this to a checklist.

Real-time regulatory intelligence and over 300 multi-jurisdictional breach notification templates empower you to respond quickly and confidently.  Consolidate the communication process with assigned owners, deadlines, and automated reminders.

A breach notifiction template that allows a privacy manager to alert local authorites about an incident. This was form was made from a pre-built template included with OneTrust's Privacy Incident Management module.

Demonstrate compliance with auto-generated, exportable audit trails or automate root cause analyses after each event to identify downstream mitigation tactics and reduce the chances of incident recurrence. Optimize your Incident Response plan with KPI tracking and reporting dashboards for key stakeholders.

An privacy incidents audit report showing how many incidents remain open, a circle chart comparing their types, and a bar chart representing their organizations.

August 21, 2024

Transforming your data privacy and AI strategy with OneTrust

Join us for a live demo where we will discuss the advanced capabilities of OneTrust solutions in data privacy enforcement, first-party data collection, and AI innovation.

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