Automated Data Tracking and Secure Sharing

Autocomplete Questionnaires

Spend less time manually answering questionnaires and autocomplete them with powerful AI, ML, and NLP – even if they’re custom.

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Streamline Response

Manage all incoming questionnaire requests in a single dashboard and streamline your response processes with automated workflows.

Build Answer Libraries

Build libraries to store and maintain your latest answers and documentation, enabling stakeholders from key teams to find the right information when they need it.

Share Evidence Securely

Leverage a secure portal to share (and control access to) sensitive information, providing a centralized customer communication channel for recordkeeping purposes.

Build Your Trust Profile

Centralize security, privacy, compliance, and other information into a single Trust Profile to securely share with customers and prospects.

Autocomplete Questionnaires with AI-Powered QRA and Vendor Portal

AI Powered QRA Screen

Streamline Questionnaire Responses

Use OneTrust Athena AI to match answers from your library with incoming questionnaires and review autocompletion results with built-in accuracy confidence scores. Train the AI to get smarter with every questionnaire, for every use case including security, privacy, due diligence, or RFPs.

QRA Request Details Example

Build Workflows and Centralize All Questionnaire Response Activities

Standardize information requests and organize them in a single dashboard for easier management. Seamlessly collaborate with required stakeholders in one place and track questionnaire response progress across all requests to better identify bottlenecks.

Centralized QRA Response Library Example

Centralize and Maintain Responses and Documentation

Build your answer library quickly with easy import functionality and create multiple answer libraries for specific use cases. Create automated reminders for every stakeholder involved to make sure answers and documentation are up to date and accurate.

Share QRA Answers Example

Securely Share Answers & Evidence with Customers and Prospects

Use a secure portal to centralize back-and-forth communication with inquiring parties to keep your information safe. Secure documentation by controlling access rights and expirations to sensitive information. Additionally, save time by automating the NDA process.

Build Transparency with Your Trust Profile

Centralized Trust Profile Example

Centralize Compliance Information into a Single Trust Profile

Consolidate your latest compliance certifications, supporting documents, important links, and assessments in a single place with a simple user interface.

Vendor Exchange Example

Promote Your Trust Profile

Advertise your Trust Profile to thousands of OneTrust customers and respond to requests for information with a single click. Notify your connected customers about changes to your Trust Profile.

Get Started with QRA and Vendor Portal

Request a demo to learn how you can autocomplete questionnaires and promote your Trust Profile.

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