Operationalize Incident Management

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Flexible Intake

Enable stakeholders to self-report events through system integrations, web forms, and guided assessments.

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Dynamic Playbooks

Easily configure dynamic workflows to guide and designate incident response tasks.

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Regulatory Guidance

In the event of a breach, identify required action and submit documentation to regulatory authorities when appropriate.

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Integrated Risk Insights

Link to risk records to track a broader scope of incidents occurring over time.

Identify Vulnerabilities, Expedite Response, and Enhance Analysis

Incident Response Playbook Example

Create Your Incident Response Playbook

Pre-configure guided workflows aligned to tabletop response exercises. Use customizable templates to create detailed response plans that meet regulatory requirements and satisfy security policies. Build-in dynamic rules and logic based on data elements, such as operating territories, affected systems, or the type of data involved, to ensure that the appropriate teams are engaged and executing the appropriate mitigation efforts.

Incident Impacts Example

Evaluate Impacts to the Business

Review real-time incidents and potentially compromised data and assets identified during an investigation. Map the scope of impact across internal assets and business processes as well as operating jurisdictions, and regulatory authorities. Review existing controls to measure the actual or potential extent of the event and inform mitigation next steps.

Incident Identification Analysis Example

Simplify Incident Analysis

Catalog historical incidents and link to existing risks or create a new risk record. Leverage additional context collected by your risk management teams to proactively enhance response and mitigation plans based on identified threats, vulnerabilities, and asset details.

Incident and Breach Reporting Example

Streamline Incident Reporting and Execute Required Action

Cross-reference the largest regulatory database to identify and obtain guidance on notification requirements per region. Determine the incident management process action required based on law enforcement requirements for documentation and notification, as well as necessary timelines. Utilize templated responses to expedite time to completion.

Get Started with Security Incident Management

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