Security Incident Management

Proactively protect your business from security threats

Centrally manage IT security incident investigations and documentation to remediate risk realized and inform program improvement, promoting a risk-based, trusted culture.  

  • Enable stakeholder incident reporting with integrations, web forms, and assessments 
  • Configure intuitive workflows to execute playbooks and automate incident response  
  • Track incidents across risk and asset records to reinforce protections over time

Identify vulnerabilities and execute your incident response plan 

Use pre-built templates and workflow to customize your response plans to meet regulations and security policies depending on the type of incident. Implement and prioritize rules based on data elements, such as operating territories or the type of data involved, to ensure the right incident response teams are engaged. 

The Security Incident Management includes response forms where managers can configure actions and assign them team members.

Map the scope of impact across affected systems, business processes, operating jurisdictions, and regulatory authorities. Review controls to identify gaps and inform mitigation next steps.

The Security Incident Management module includes metadata-rich incident records.

Catalog historical incidents and link them to existing risks or create a new risk record. Leverage additional context from your risk management teams to proactively enhance response and mitigation plans based on identified threats, root causes, vulnerabilities, and asset details.

User interface (UI) elements from the Security Incident Management module that shows a submit option for an incident, the definition of "Root Cause Identification" which helps guide users in crafting their response, and a prompt with a text box asking "why did the incident happen?"

Access our regulatory database to obtain guidance on notification requirements per region. Determine incident management requirements based on reguatory obligations for documentation, notification, and timeline. Utilize templated responses to expedite time to remediation. 

User interface (UI) from the Security Incident Management module that shows the number of open incidents, a circle graph that breaks down the incidents by type, and a bar graph displaying the incidents by organization.

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