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Create Your Account to Respond to Questionnaires Faster

Join the OneTrust Exchange community to streamline and bring efficiency to your questionnaire response timelines

Jason Koestenblatt Team Lead, Content Marketing

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Organizations like yours are constantly tasked with responding to security, privacy, and compliance questionnaires, which are usually answered in a manual, copy/paste fashion. These questionnaires, many of which are unique in nature, require time and resources to complete, especially when the volume and frequency of requests continues to grow.

We’ve set out to help solve this challenge.

By creating an account with OneTrust, any questionnaire you receive from a OneTrust customer will show up in your account. This has a number of benefits for your organization, including giving you the ability to:

  1. Save your previously completed questionnaires in one place
  2. Maintain an answer library to ensure your team is always using the most up to date answers
  3. Use answers stored within your answer library to autocomplete any net new questionnaires
  4. Delegate questions to the right stakeholders to collaborate on responses
  5. Securely share documentation with inquiring parties and control access, revoking viewing rights when necessary
  6. View all assessment requests you receive from OneTrust customers in a single dashboard
  7. Build a free Trust Profile, consisting of links and documents, to share with inquiring customers
  8. Publish your Trust Profile to our Third-Party Risk Exchange, visible to all OneTrust customers

Learn more and sign up for your free account here.

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