January 13, 2021 -

Introducing OneTrust Vendorpedia Questionnaire Response Automation to Help Organizations Answer Security and Privacy Questionnaires

Privacy and security questionnaires are the most common method of vendor evaluation. As a result, OneTrust today launched Vendorpedia

January 16, 2020 -

Integrated Risk Management vs. GRC

Comparing two schools of thought, Integrated Risk Management vs GRC. Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) is a well-established practice,

December 17, 2019 -

Introducing OneTrust Zero-Code Cookie Auto-Blocking

We’re excited to announce OneTrust Cookie Auto-BlockingTM, dramatically reducing the time it takes to implement a OneTrust cookie banner on your website. With no extra

November 20, 2019 -

Adding Context to Your Integrated Risk Management Program

Integrated Risk Management, Contextualizing Data with an Intelligent Platform for Added Value to Your Everyday Business Functions. In the

September 1, 2016 -

Agents Don’t Fully Understand Cyber Insurance

Agents Don’t Fully Understand Cyber Insurance Eduard Goodman, Chief Privacy Officer of identity theft protection firm, IDT911, recently discussed

August 13, 2016 -

Gender Equality in the Privacy Industry

Gender Equality in the Privacy Industry A 2015 IAPP Salary & Governance Survey revealed that in the privacy field

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