OR chooses OneTrust as LGPD management platform

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OR, a real estate company and part of the Odebrecht Group, operates in the construction and development of corporate, commercial, residential and allotment developments. With regional offices in 6 states of Brazil the company has already delivered more than 80 projects in 13 years of existence, and closed 2019 with 840 million reais revenue.

For OR data privacy is essential. Within the group, the company has the largest B2C relationship – direct contact with customers – many of them, individuals. The design of a compliance and data security project has gained priority with the approval of the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) in Brazil.

The culture in the Brazilian real estate market was already challenging, as data sharing between the parties is quite intense.

Head of IT and Security at OR, Ygor Silva, describes the breadth of their operations: “We have to look not only at our 500 employees, and customers, but also at other players in the real estate structure: suppliers, operators, banks, and agents.”

The complexity is having to deal with individuals’ data in all the information flows from different areas of the company and outside it. 

“We deal with personal data all the time, in prospecting and winning new customers, in negotiation, sale, payment, execution, financial operations and after sales, and when the customer becomes the owner of a property built by OR”, detailed Ygor.

Choosing OneTrust for scalability, credibility, and trust

For over a year OR discussed the LGPD, sought advice, legal opinions and evaluated available tools in the market.  Early in the project OR knew that it would be ideal to choose a platform model as a service, a scalable solution that would not complicate and burden the infrastructure.

"From the moment we started working directly with OneTrust, we felt increasingly confident."


Ygor Silva, Head of IT and Security

“OneTrust’s leadership position, especially the Gartner Quadrant recognition, which named OneTrust as the global data privacy and security marketplace leader, was a very important point for us,” said Ygor.

After testing and validating OneTrust as the best option both for the SAAS model and the leadership, the decisive factor was the building of the partnership between OR and OneTrust. The holistic suite of OneTrust modules were able to seamlessly fit into OR’s large existing infrastructure.  

“From the moment we started working directly with OneTrust, we felt increasingly confident,” said Ygor.

Sustainable privacy with OneTrust

Even in the implementation phase, OR already sees the positive impact of adopting OneTrust platform. The centralized Dashboard makes everyday life easier.

"With the platform we can think not only about how to find the data, but how to protect it in the best possible way."


Ygor Silva, Head of IT and Security

“The tool is very intuitive, we use the virtual assistant that is always active on the screen and helps to speed up processes within the platform,” said Ygor.

OneTrust has simplified OR’s privacy compliance and is useful at every stage in responding to requests from data owners, cookies consent, mapping and data discovery. 

“With the platform we can think not only about how to find the data, but how to protect it in the best possible way,” said Ygor.

Another positive aspect is that thanks to the use of the cookies consent management module, the company was able to increase visibility about accesses, even of people outside Brazil. 

Thanks to OneTrust’s availability for training and building capacity, OR found the implementation a smooth and positive process.  

From now on the goal is to amplify and refine the data privacy project by expanding it to other companies in the Odebrecht group and expanding the partnership.

“Next step include gathering information about partners and suppliers and working on the risk management of these actors. Certainly, we will have a sustainable and long-term partnership relationship with OneTrust,” Ygor concludes. 

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