OneTrust Privacy Rights Management (DSAR)

Responding to privacy rights requests is a time-consuming process full of manual tasks, making it a challenge to respond to regulatory requirements and the need to detect exactly where personal data exists, in order to access, port, redact, delete it, or comply with CCPA opt-outs. As data models become more complex and individuals continue to exercise their data privacy rights, fulfilling these tasks manually is no longer a scalable solution for any organization.

Automate the Privacy Rights Request Lifecycle from Intake to Fulfillment

The Privacy Rights Management solution enables organizations to automate task delegation throughout the fulfillment process, validate identities, streamline the update, collection, redaction, and deletion of data, offer a secure two-way communication portal, and maintain adequate records of communication to demonstrate compliance. By leveraging intake templates and automated workflows, businesses are able to dynamically triage requests, ensure fulfillment accuracy, and improve response times with the ability to scale their program when an influx of requests is received.


Fully Automate
Request Intake


Simplify the Identity
Verification Process


Leverage DataDiscovery
to Fulfill Requests


Redact Sensitive
Personal Data

Utilize Dynamic Web Forms

Streamline the Intake Process by Utilizing Templates and Customizable Intake Web Forms

  • Leverage research-backed CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD request intake templates to validate data subject’s location
  • Customize or create unique request intake forms and embed directly on websites or other online properties
  • Enable consumer and data subjects to select their language preference from over 100 languages
  • Utilize information collected on dynamic intake forms to route request and kick-off fulfillment process
  • Track requests and limit requests to two per 12-month period in accordance with the CCPA
  • Auto-assign tasks to business owners to streamline fulfillment and promote accountability across the organization
CCPA Toll-Free Number

Meet CCPA Toll-Free Compliance

Automate & Comply with the CCPA’s Toll-Free Requirements

  • Utilize a fully customizable greeting in-line with company messaging and regulatory requirements
  • Build automated back-end workflows to efficiently automate, process, and respond to requests
  • Integrate fully with OneTrust Privacy Rights Management, Opt-Out of Sale, and Robotic Automation for DSAR solutions

Validate Identity & Triage Requests

Simplify the Identity Verification Process to Validate Requests

  • Enable individuals to attach evidence when submitting a request to verify their identity and proof of residency
  • Leverage various identity validation approaches, including email, phone, login portals or security questions
  • Verify identity to auto-detect duplicate and repetitive requests and auto-expire unverified requests
  • Integrate with customer databases and identity validation technologies, for example, Experian and LexisNexis

Automate Request Intake & Fulfillment with Multiple Integration Approaches

Leverage Targeted Data Discovery™ Technology to Fully Automate the Intake and Fulfillment of Privacy Rights Requests

  • Automate each manual step used to process privacy rights and opt-out of sale requests with the right exception rules to flag outliers 
  • Support all data classifications including structured, unstructured, on-premise, cloud, and email 
  • Discover and sync IT system inventories from CRMs, Marketing Automation, CASBs, CMDBs, and Identity as a Service tools
  • Leverage multiple integration approaches including pre-built plugins, easy integration with custom apps and homegrown systems, or abstraction using application gateways
  • Create manual review and redaction steps that can be inserted prior to responding directly to a data access, portability, or deletion request 
Data Redaction

Leverage Athena AI to Automatically Detect Data That Needs to be Redacted

Automate the Redaction of Emails and Files in Response to Privacy Rights Requests

  • Automatically discover or manually upload emails and files to the request
  • Scan files with Athena AI and NLP algorithms to automatically classify and redact necessary data
  • Review redacted documents with confidence scores and make any necessary adjustments
  • Securely share the results via an encrypted messaging portal to finish request fulfillment

Generate Reports & Maintain Records for Compliance

Maintain Records of Communication and Generate Dashboards for Program Benchmarking

  • Communicate with individuals via a secure messaging portal
  • View analytics dashboards to identify areas of improvement including cost-per-request calculations
  • Integrate with existing ticketing and ITSM tools like ServiceNow or BMC Remedy to identify and track requests sent to IT teams
  • View, edit, and export executive dashboards and reports for internal and external review and benchmarking

Why OneTrust Privacy Rights Management?

Most Widely Used

The world's most widely used solution, processing hundreds of thousands of requests

Insightful Metrics

Break down request costs and trends for clear value and internal ROI metrics

Rapid Deployment

Get up and running with same day fast track implementation and custom resources

Automate ID Verification

Leverage out of the box connections with 3rd party verification services​

Deep Regulatory Guidance

Powered by OneTrust DataGuidance privacy and security regulatory research platform

Seamless Integrations

500 pre-built plugins make integrations easy

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