Ranked by KuppingerCole for Product Leadership, Innovation Leadership, Market Leadership, and Overall Leadership Categories

We’re honored to announce that OneTrust has been recognized as an Overall Leader in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Data Catalogs and Metadata Management.  OneTrust was recognized across all four major categories evaluated, including Overall Leadership, Product Leadership, Innovation Leadership, and Market Leadership.

According to the report, “OneTrust is an excellent solution for organizations that start their journey towards data catalogs and metadata management with a data governance focus.”

Get the report: KuppingerCole Analysts AG Leadership Compass for Data Catalogs and Metadata Management

Why OneTrust for Data Catalogs and Metadata Management? Shift from Data Compliance to Data Intelligence

Demand for data governance solutions is growing rapidly as businesses balance the need to keep up with the pace of technological innovation while remaining compliant against a anever-changing regulatory environment. OneTrust’s Data Catalog and Metadata Management solutions are an integral part of our plaltform of trust which helps businesses address these challenges.

OneTrust helps organizations expand beyond tick-the-box privacy compliance initiatives, delivering a holistic solution to help businesses identify all types of data being processed, how that data is used throughout its lifecycle, as well as the applicable regulatory requirements and policies. The Data Catalogs and Metadata Management solutions are developed as part of the same central platform and same code base as OneTrust’s Privacy Management software, allowing organizations to seamlessly merge these initiatives, leveraging work that has already been done and streamlining future processes.

Through use of Automated Data Discovery and classification, OneTrust helps organizations to gain a deep understanding of what data exists within their business, and then centralize the view of this information through use of data catalogs. Businesses can then enforce applicable retention policies, deletion requirements and manage requests for business usage and data access all in a central platform.

“Forward-thinking companies want to make the most of data to become insight-driven, trusted organizations,” said Sam Gill Gillespie, Offering Manager at OneTrust. “With OneTrust, companies can use data-led insights to improve operations and provide customers with the services and experiences they want.”

OneTrust is proud to have been named an Overall Leader in KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass for Data Catalogs and Metadata Management. Thank you to the OneTrust community of customers, partners, and employees that continue to support our mission in building the category-defining platform of trust.

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*Source: KuppingerCole Analysts AG – KuppingerCole Data Catalogs and Metadata Management Leadership Compass; Martin Kuppinger; February 2022.