In just two short years, OneTrust’s presence in Brazil has grown immensely. Today, over 500 Brazil-based companies across sectors and jurisdictions, being 30% listed in the B3 (Brazil Stock Exchange), the 5th largest exchange in the world in market value, use OneTrust’s to support Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (LGPD) compliance. Brazil customers can take advantage of the most widely used technology platform for privacy, security and governance, OneTrust’s vast partner network, and local data center hosting options, available natively in both Brazilian Portuguese and dozens of other languages.

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The LGPD grants many new privacy rights to Brazilian data subjects and requires organizations that process personal data to meet data protection obligations. Similar to the GDPR or CCPA, complying with the LGPD typically requires major operational and technological updates and changes.

To assist Brazil customers navigating these complexities, OneTrust has expanded operations, support, and service in Brazil including:

  • Expanded Privacy, GRC and Data Discovery Capabilities: OneTrust integrated recent Brazil DPA and government guidance into the platform to support compliance efforts.
    • This includes templates for evaluating web application security design and controls, Privacy by Design, and a checklist for benchmarking appropriate organizational security and privacy controls.
    • OneTrust GRC also now supports control libraries for the ISO 27001/ISO 27701 standards, in Brazilian Portuguese.
    • OneTrust’s Data Discovery capabilities also include improved performance for quality of processing and understanding of Brazilian Portuguese data.
  • Dedicated Local Team: OneTrust’s presence in São Paulo gives customers access to local sales, engineer, and support resources. Over 50 employees are dedicated to serving mid-market customers, as well as enterprise and public sector customers.
  • Brazilian Portuguese Language Virtual Events: Virtually connect with local privacy and security experts during a free, online LGPDConnect   To date, OneTrust has hosted 10+ and will be adding more events to the schedule throughout the year. Organizations are also encouraged to watch OneTrust webinars hosted in Portuguese.

“OneTrust has become the strategic solution of choice globally to implement the transparency, choice and accountability required to comply with global privacy regulations like the LGPD,” said Alex Bermudez, Brazil Market Lead, OneTrust. “We are proud to support our Brazil customers with a growing team and the category-defining enterprise platform to operationalize trust.”

Register for the webinar:  How Data Discovery Enhances Your DSAR Workflow on September 21 at 8 am EDT | 9:00 am BRT

OneTrust is also pleased to announce that Beto Santos has joined the Brazil and Latin America leadership team. Serving in previous leadership roles at, Adobe and Symantec, amongst others, Santos brings significant experience to OneTrust’s growing team. “We feel very fortunate to have Beto joining our team,” Bermudez commented.

“His prior leadership and market development experience will only serve to better our mission to act as the fabric of trust for our clients and partners, helping us to improve our market strategy and vision for our accelerated growth in Brazil, and beyond.”

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