We’re excited to share that OneTrust has been named a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Privacy Management Software, Q4 2021.

The go-to report to evaluate privacy vendors is based on a 30-point evaluation and looks at 12 of the most significant vendors in the market. Of all those evaluated, OneTrust received a position as a leader with the highest scores in the strategy and market presence categories.

OneTrust is a Leader in Privacy Management Software

Like anyone, we love recognition. But there is a bigger story here beyond OneTrust being named a leader in privacy management software.

Over the past two decades, the way that businesses engage with and create loyal customers has fundamentally changed. Businesses now must think about privacy and find ways to effectively manage data subject and consumer rights requests, meticulously document processing activities and data transfers, and stay on top of a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

As individuals’ awareness of their privacy rights grows, organizations must look at their privacy management program not only as a way to comply with regulations and frameworks, but also as a way to stand out from the competition. In order to turn trust into a competitive advantage, organizations need technology that helps operationalize, automate, and inform their privacy program. OneTrust provides the solution to do just that.

According to the Forrester report, “When most vendors refer to the same competitor to describe their position in the market, you know that competitor is shaping that market. In the privacy management software market, that vendor is OneTrust.”​

Download the report: The Forrester Wave™: Privacy Management Software, Q4 2021

What is required to meet the evolving needs of the privacy market?

Analyst reports are an important tool for identifying and recognizing the capabilities that vendors need in order to meet the growing privacy landscape needs.

The three categories that Forrester evaluates include current offering, strategy and market presence categories.

That’s why we’ve built OneTrust, #1 most widely used privacy management software, providing organizations the regulatory intelligence, automation, and flexible solutions needed to operationalize privacy programs. OneTrust Privacy allows you to become a more trusted organization in the eyes of your customers, employees, vendors, board, and regulators, all while complying with hundreds of global privacy laws like the GDPR, CCPA & LGPD.

The Forrester report states, “From consent and individual privacy rights management to third-party risk management and reporting, OneTrust offers a solid set of capabilities that support a wide range of specific use cases, including minor and contextual consent. The combination of native and supported security controls and the frameworks to assess and mitigate emerging privacy risks in connection with privacy by design and ethical use of data is the one of the strongest in this market.”

How did OneTrust score?

In this report, OneTrust received the highest scores in the strategy and market presence categories.

“OneTrust sustains its ambition to become the ‘home of the privacy tech ecosystem’ with a sophisticated vision of becoming the platform of trust and a strong innovation roadmap,” according to the report.

In a market that is rapidly growing, OneTrust continues to expand its privacy functionalities to unify teams, and transform compliance initiatives, into make trust a competitive advantage.

Download the report: The Forrester Wave™: Privacy Management Software, Q4 2021

The Bottom Line

OneTrust is defining this new software category of trust and is building the only platform that brings privacy, security, and governance teams together, working in one technology solution. By centralizing on OneTrust, businesses have a single source of data truth that can intelligently create workflows and automate business decisions that achieve compliance and build trust.

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