With the privacy landscape constantly changing, and new laws and regulations proposed or discussed on a weekly basis, it is vital that businesses are not only aware of these new regulations, but have active strategies and methods in place to be compliant across all jurisdictions where their business operates.

As the largest and most widely used dedicated privacy management technology, OneTrust’s platform, backed by deep privacy research, allows companies to demonstrate compliance with these global privacy regulations. As a result, we are excited to be featured in Tech Wire Asia:

“Here at Tech Wire Asia, we looked for a solution that provided privacy compliance within the patchwork of global privacy laws that many businesses are facing. This included a solution that provided small businesses to enterprises with the tools they need to adequately protect their customers’ and partners’ data, wherever they happen to be operating across the globe.”

Read the full article here: Your data is safe, but is your customers’ data? Changing regulations in a digital world

Tech Wire Asia notes organizations must focus on data governance because of the legal ramifications, as well as the effect that leakage and security events have on the public’s perception of a company. This can be vital to its value and levels of customer trust. OneTrust helps privacy teams to manage the various elements of a privacy program and can help customers build trust as a competitive differentiator into their business model.

World-class privacy research is conducted by our over 300 in-house certified privacy professionals, and OneTrust’s privacy team has provided updates on new regulations in CanadaPakistanAustraliaIndiaBrazil and California, as well as updates from the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) and our Last Week In Privacy series featuring global privacy news each week.

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Read our feature in Tech Wire Asia here.