Announcing the OneTrust Privacy & Data Governance Cloud

Empowering businesses to evolve beyond compliance and build trust through transparency, choice, and control

Ryan Edge
OneTrust Director of Strategy | CIPP/E, CIPM
May 24, 2022

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OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud

Today, OneTrust is excited to unveil the Privacy & Data Governance Cloud, empowering organizations to go beyond compliance and enable trusted data use by operationalizing privacy management, consent and preferences, data governance, and responsible AI to deliver against your privacy and data governance objectives in one platform.  

Privacy professionals have watched their day-to-day operations evolve at a staggering pace and in this environment, maintaining an efficient global privacy program is a complex task. The lines between privacy, security, data governance, marketing, and IT teams have blurred. Privacy is now a catalyst for building unified programs that help organizations not only comply with regulations and mitigate risk, but to drive more effective, ethical, and trusted use of data.  Not just because global data protection laws are mandating it, but because stakeholders are demanding it. People expect greater transparency and control of their data. And they want to buy from, work for, and invest in businesses that demonstrate trust. Maintaining good data privacy and governance practices is at the heart of building consumer and stakeholder trust.

“Responsible use of data is the price of admission for earning customer trust. Regardless of how quickly governments or businesses move to protect customer data, consumers want brands to act now.” – Adobe 2022 Trust Report

That’s why today’s announcement comes at such a vital time for organizations that need a unified privacy and data governance program where teams, data, and processes can integrate, giving businesses a centralized view and understanding of their data. Privacy management has been at the core of OneTrust’s business from the beginning, helping thousands of businesses, big and small, automate their privacy programs. Now more than ever, the case has never been clearer for organizations to implement the proper solutions to help automate privacy compliance, enforce strong data governance policies, and offer consumers transparency and choice over the use of their data. That’s why we’ve spent the last several years working closely with our customers to build the OneTrust Privacy & Data Governance Cloud.

Trust can be won and lost through privacy and data governance operations

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When it comes to personal data, consumers notice how organizations use their information more than ever before. And how organizations use personal data really does matter. While individuals are demanding greater control over their data, this does not mean that consumer privacy expectations are at odds with how businesses use data. In fact, a recent study by Adobe found that 72% of consumers say that relevant content delivered at the right time and place boosts their trust in the organization. Transparency, choice, and respecting preferences can form the basis of how data should be governed and used. By being transparent about data use, giving individuals choice, and respecting that choice as a data policy, organizations can embed privacy by design and default into data operations, increasing the trust of both consumers and stakeholders.

What is the OneTrust Privacy & Data Governance Cloud?

The Privacy & Data Governance Cloud is designed to help organizations operationalize compliance and enable trusted data use through four key trust domains: Privacy Management, Data Governance, Consent & Preference Management, and Responsible AI.

  • Privacy Management: Manage the workflows, tasks, and reporting required for privacy compliance through purpose-built applications powered by automated data discovery and embedded regulatory intelligence.

  • Data Governance: Gain visibility into your data through automated discovery, classification, and cataloging. Define and enforce data policies across your business’s data lifecycle and ecosystem to give the right people the right data, at the right time, for the right purpose.

  • Consent & Preferences: Deliver transparency and choice to individuals and enforce consent-based governance across the data lifecycle to build trust with consumers and enable trusted data use across your business.

  • Responsible AI: Go beyond what you can do with data to what you should do with data by ensuring the ethical and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

These trust domains are all underpinned by key platform capabilities that help bring visibility, action, and automation to your privacy and data governance programs. This includes data discovery technology to help you know your data, real-time regulatory intelligence that brings clarity and context to how that data needs to be governed, insights and benchmarking so that you can measure your program and compare against your peers, and a central trust center that delivers a unified privacy user experience to your stakeholders.

These solutions enable privacy and data governance teams to go beyond being mitigators focused on ensuring compliance and de-risking data, to being partners with the business, helping to drive value, growth, and innovation through trusted data use.

How does the OneTrust Privacy & Data Governance Cloud fit into the wider Trust Intelligence Platform?

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Trust doesn’t stop with privacy. That’s why the Privacy & Data Governance Cloud forms just one part of the Trust Intelligence Platform announced this week at TrustWeek.

The Trust Intelligence Platform introduces the first in a new category of software for businesses to start and scale trust initiatives by delivering visibility across trust domains and automation to build trust by design as a reflex in organizations. The platform unifies the key areas of a trust program where teams, data, and processes can integrate, giving businesses a centralized understanding of business trust.

Companies can choose to start their journey to building trust with one cloud and build into other trust domains as the program matures. The Trust Intelligence Platform clouds include:

  • The OneTrust Privacy & Data Governance Cloud: People demand greater control of their data, unlocking an opportunity for organizations to use digital interactions to go beyond compliance and build trust through transparency, choice, and control. The OneTrust Privacy & Data Governance Cloud helps companies adopt best-in-class privacy practices, so individuals trust them with their data, allowing them to deliver more valuable experiences and create business value through trust. Trust domains in the Privacy & Data Governance Cloud include: Privacy Management, Data Governance, Consent & Preferences, and Responsible AI.

  • The OneTrust GRC & Security Assurance Cloud: The global threat landscape evolves each day, bringing new and unexpected risks to people and organizations. The OneTrust GRC & Security Assurance Cloud helps companies and supply chains stay resilient in the face of continuous cyber threats, global crises, and natural disasters – so organizations can operate with confidence. Trust domains in the GRC & Security Assurance Cloud include: Governance & Policy Management, IT Risk & Security Assurance, Third-Party Risk, and Audit & Compliance Management.

  • The OneTrust Ethics & Compliance Cloud: The most resilient organizations nurture a culture that fosters ethical behavior where everyone feels empowered to speak up, share their perspectives, ask challenging questions, and raise concerns without fear of retaliation. The OneTrust Ethics & Compliance Cloud fosters and promotes an open and safe environment for employees, maximizing insights into the health of a company’s culture, so leaders can act decisively upon areas of risk. Trust domains in the Ethics & Compliance Cloud include: Ethics Program Management, Third-Party Due Diligence, and Speak-Up Culture Assurance.

  • The OneTrust ESG & Sustainability Cloud: People want to buy from, work for, and invest in businesses that positively impact people and the planet in ways that everyone can understand and verify. The OneTrust ESG & Sustainability Cloud offers organizations the ability to define core environmental and sustainability metrics, track progress towards those goals, and foster trust with key stakeholders through enhanced transparency. Trust domains in the ESG & Sustainability Cloud include: Carbon Accounting, ESG Program Management, and Supplier Sustainability & Responsibility.

Learn more about The Trust Intelligence Platform from OneTrust. 

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