Comply with Global Data Privacy Laws and Regulations

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Scalable Training

Easy to implement and scalable, deploy the ever-expanding library of courses to all employees.

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Interactive Courses

Keep employees engaged in the content to improve retention and support regulatory compliance.

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Track Performance

Easily view real-time completion metrics against deadlines and track performance across your teams.

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Report on Compliance Training

Maintain visibility into your organization’s training to meet the personal data protection requirements of CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, and more.

Intuitive Privacy Awareness Training and Reporting

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Deploy General Awareness and Customized Role-Based Training

Build compliant practices across your organization with general awareness modules useful for all roles, like phishing training or education on safeguarding sensitive or personally identifiable information. Specialty awareness modules offer a more detailed look into specific regulations, such as HIPAA, FERPA, and more. These modules can also dive into processes specific to different roles within your organization.

Regardless of the type of training course, each course is constructed into intuitive, step-by-step modules comprised of short videos and assessments to help guarantee participation.

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Simplify Implementation and Customization

Make implementation easy by deploying through the OneTrust platform or integrate our SCORM compliant courses into your existing Learning Management System (LMS). Customize according to your brand standards by adding your company logo, changing colors or fonts, and even customizing your language – all without the need for development support.

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Streamline Reporting

Check online course completion metrics across your teams and receive detailed reports to keep up with results. You can also use reports to demonstrate compliance with global data protection laws and regulations.

Get Started with Privacy Training

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