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Mature your data privacy program

Data privacy excellence is a customer trust imperative but requires continuous improvement. Our privacy and data governance software adapts to meet you where you are, whether your current priority is ensuring agile compliance or responsibly adopting emerging technologies.

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Ensure responsible data use, strategically support the business 

Navigating the complexities of responsible data management is a growing challenge, especially with daily updates to critical privacy regulations and a rising demand for innovative business solutions. We help you maintain responsible use across every stage of the data lifecycle – from collection to disposal – so you can take your data privacy program beyond compliance.

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Keep up with regulatory updates

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Capture consent and collect first-party data

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Enforce data privacy across internal and third-party systems

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Enable AI innovation

Implement a dynamic blueprint for your privacy program 

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Develop a responsible approach for personal data collection and use 

To action customer data, you need permission and purpose, maintained as a single source of truth throughout your tech stack. OneTrust Consent and Preferences is designed to help you build the infrastructure to support a robust first-party data strategy while maintaining compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR or CCPA. 

  • Provide an intuitive consent and preference management experience
  • Implement digital tracking data governance
  • Demonstrate compliance with global privacy regulations
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Deliver on your privacy promise through intelligent, automated workflows 

Combine an evergreen inventory of processing activities with the latest regulatory insights, content, and workflows to streamline core privacy workflows. Orchestrate and monitor data controls to ensure privacy policies are respected and enforced to build and maintain customer trust over time. 

  • Simplify compliance through actionable regulatory intelligence
  • Increase program accuracy and reduce cost with business app integrations and workflow automations
  • Orchestrate and monitor data safeguards for access control and data retention minimization
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Implement privacy by design to support ethical innovation

To foster innovation, you must make risk-based decisions for using emerging technology and artificial intelligence responsibly. Integrate privacy and data governance directly into your innovation processes with OneTrust AI Governance.

  • Understand your AI footprint through a centralized inventory with integration into MLOps and other AI-focused tooling
  • Deploy templated workflows to manage risk and compliance for the AI you build or procure
  • Analyze training data to address bias risk and apply controls to the sharing and use of sensitive data

Learn more about how to mature your data privacy program 

Explore our resources below, or request a demo, to learn more about how we can support your data privacy transformation.


The importance of data privacy can’t be overstated. Data privacy program outcomes are tied to the protection of sensitive and personally identifiable information, preservation of customer trust, innovation enablement, legal compliance, and more. Achievement of these outcomes is directly tied to a comprehensive, mature data privacy program that prioritizes the following:
  • Data mapping to understand what personal data is collected, where it’s stored, how it’s processed, and who has access 
  • Risk assessment and management 
  • Data minimization and purpose limitation 
  • Transparency and accountability 
  • Data subject rights fulfillment
  • Data security measures 
  • Employee awareness training 
  • Incident response and data breach notification 
  • Integration of privacy into the design, development, and adoption of new innovations (commonly known as “privacy by design”)

Automation is one of the biggest drivers for adopting a privacy management software solution. Our Privacy and Data Governance Cloud helps free up time for privacy professionals to focus on more strategic activities by automating the following:



  • Privacy rights intake and management - automate the process of receiving, categorizing, and responding to privacy rights requests from individuals
  • Data discovery and classification - identify personal data within your business systems and repositories to maintain accurate data inventories and support compliance efforts, like data minimization and lawful processing
  • Data breach response - speed up the data breach response process and mitigate potential damages
  • PIAs and DPIAs - automate the assessment process for new projects, systems, or processes to identify and mitigate privacy risks at an early stage, ensuring that privacy considerations are integrated into decision-making processes
  • Consent management - streamline the management of user consents, including obtaining, tracking, and updating consent preferences
  • Privacy training and awareness - simplify the delivery of privacy training programs and awareness initiatives to employees 
  • Privacy policy management - automate the creation, review, and updating of privacy policies to stay compliant with evolving legal requirements and maintain transparency with individuals regarding data processing practices
  • Data retention and deletion - minimize data storage costs and reduce the risk of unauthorized access with data retention policies and deletion best practices

The data privacy landscape is constantly evolving. While we encourage our customers to view their data privacy program as a strategic business asset rather than just a compliance obligation, we acknowledge the significance of regulatory frameworks. Our privacy management software is designed to help you stay up to date on the latest changes to data protection laws and adjust your privacy program accordingly. Although regulations vary by operating jurisdiction and industry, common considerations include:



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