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Assess Your Privacy Program Maturity

OneTrust Maturity & Planning

As the privacy landscape across the globe continues to take shape, privacy professionals must be able to quickly assess their organizational readiness for compliance and plan their privacy programs accordingly. As the definition of compliance changes and adapts to include the principle of accountability, a more proactive approach to privacy governance is required – starting with self-assessments.

OneTrust enables organizations to better prepare for compliance with our industry-leading Maturity & Planning technology, powered by our world-class privacy, security, and legal research platform OneTrust DataGuidance. As part of the OneTrust Privacy Management Platform, the tool backs dozens of built-in readiness assessment templates across privacy and security frameworks for the CCPA, GDPR, Privacy Shield, BCR (controllers and processors), ISO 27001, and APEC CBPR.

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Assess Your Maturity & Plan for Compliance


Measure Maturity

Measure maturity against a dynamic framework of global privacy and security laws and frameworks


Plan Compliance

Prioritize your requirements to build your compliance plan based on risk flags and gap identifications


Gain Clarity

Generating clear and detailed reports for your board and stakeholders


Reduce Time-Consuming Regulatory Research with the OneTrust DataGuidanceTM Research Portal

  • Access a rapidly growing library of hundreds of privacy laws and thousands of educational resources relating privacy regulations
  • Save time by using hundreds of pre-built templates available on key areas such as the GDPR, DPIAs, privacy statements, and more
  • Gain clarity regarding regulatory requirements with clear and concise explanations built into the OneTrust platform

Know Your Overarching Compliance Maturity with Easy-to-Complete Maturity Analysis

  • Analyze maturity against 30 laws and frameworks across 50+ countries and regions, continuously updated
  • View maturity details over time and track readiness trends as your privacy programs evolves
  • View a breakdown of your maturity per assessment section or law track progress when reducing risks with high-level dashboards and flexible, in-depth reporting
  • Easily export self-assessments into PDF reports, containing detailed responses and notes on attached evidence files

Build Your Compliance Plan by Using Intelligent Risk Flagging & Mitigation Recommendations

  • Identify gaps automatically based on OneTrust DataGuidance research with built-in mitigation recommendations
  • Build your privacy compliance plan using customizable subtasks for completion, automated reminders, deadlines, and schedule follow ups
  • Track risk reduction over time with powerful reporting capabilities and the ability to export your privacy plan
  • Customize risks and use the automation engine to kick off additional assessments when certain risks are triggered

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