Deliver Digital Consent and Preference Experiences that Build Trust

Trusted Data Capture and Consent Management

Collect consent, preferences, and first-party data directly from your customers to enhance customer profiles and begin to replace other data sources like third-party cookies.

Dynamic Customer Trust Centers

Demonstrate data transparency by allowing customers to view consent history, indicate communication preferences, and provide first-party data – all through a central portal.

Integrated Data Sync Across Ecosystem

Leverage automated workflows and seamless integrations with your marketing and data platforms to ensure user personal data choices are honored in all marketing, sales, and communication activities.

Circular Arrows Lifecycle Icon for Streamline Audits

Centralized Data Across Touchpoints

Centralize consents across domains, browsers, apps, and devices to build detailed audit trails and support proof of compliance.

Herman Miller

How Herman Miller Makes Their Customer-Centric Privacy Program a Competitive Differentiator with OneTrust

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By providing transparency and choice around consent and preferences, we not only stand out from the crowd as a marketing engine but as a global enterprise in today’s shifting regulatory landscape.

Dustin VerBeek, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Enhance Personalization with Consent and Preference Management

Collection Point Details Example

Embed Transparent Data Collection into the Customer Experience

Build customized data collection UIs to dynamically prompt consumers throughout their journey, from newsletter forms to preference centers, contextual pop-ups to subscription sign-ups. Progressively profile consumers and enhance data profiles to deliver personalized content, build customer loyalty, and show customers you’re listening.

Data Visibility Example

Provide Customers with Visibility into Collected Data

Design and configure branded trust centers to give customers greater control and visibility of their data privacy preferences. Professionally styled templates with low/no-code customization options allow marketing teams to adjust for branding and dynamically publish an optimal user experience based on user identity, geolocation, and language preferences. Support is also provided for identity validation, authentication, and double opt-in.

Communication Preference Form Example

Synchronize Data Across Third-Party Tools

Centralize and integrate your customer consent and preference data with your MarTech stack to maintain real-time data records and constantly honor customer choices. Use drag-and-drop workflows with pre-built integrations to sync with modern SaaS, proprietary systems, on-prem, and legacy or non-API software.

Consent Analytics Dashboard Example

Turn Powerful Analytics into Data-Driven Decision Making

Measure, report, and improve your data collection strategy with real-time dashboards and analytics. Measure your data collection strategy against business KPIs to help build a foundation of trust. Make updates without the dependency of web development resources and implement A/B testing to optimize results.

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