IAB Global Privacy Platform (GPP): What to Know & How to Adopt the Framework

Resource Consent and Preferences

The IAB and the IAB Tech Lab recently launched the Tech Lab’s Global Privacy Platform (GPP) and the IAB’s Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA). The GPP framework enables companies to use a consent management platform (CMP), such as OneTrust, to capture and communicate consent signals throughout the digital ad supply chain. The launch of these initiatives will help companies address the increasingly complex challenges of global privacy and manage the different consent signals from multiple jurisdictions. 


Watch this webinar to learn the following:  

  • Understand what the Global Privacy Platform is and how it supports US state privacy compliance  
  • Gain insight and key differences between GPP, IAB CCPA Compliance Framework and IAB Europe’s TCF  
  • Uncover how OneTrust’s CMP supports the GPP framework and watch a live in-depth GPP product demo 
  • Receive guidance and best practices for how to adopt GPP  




The speaker Ryan Karlin's profile image
Ryan Karlin

Director of Product Management

OneTrust Consent & Preferences

The speaker Shay Olupona's profile image
Shay Olupona

Product Manager


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Ashlea Cartee

Product Marketing Manager


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