Preparing for GPP & MSPA: An overview from IAB and OneTrust

The IAB and the IAB Tech Lab recently announced the launch of the Tech Lab’s Global Privacy Platform (GPP) and the IAB’s release of a draft Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA) for public comment. The launch of these initiatives will help companies address the increasingly complex challenges of global privacy and manage the different consent signals from multiple jurisdictions.

  • The IAB Tech Lab is encouraging organizations to adopt the GPP because the Tech Lab’s existing US Privacy Specifications will not be updated to include the new US state-specific privacy strings that come into effect in 2023; instead, these will only be available using the GPP.
  • The MSPA is an evolution of the Limited Service Provider Agreement (LSPA) put in place in 2020. It has been overhauled to account for all new state law requirements and incorporates the use of the GPP, and its state-specific privacy strings, to facilitate compliance for digital advertising transactions.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about GPP, MSPA, and how OneTrust’s CMP will support the upcoming framework.


Featured speakers

Michael Hahn

Executive Vice President & General Counsel, IAB and IAB Tech Lab

Tony Ficarrotta

Assistant General Counsel, IAB

Rowena Lam

Director of Privacy Technology Programs, IAB Tech Lab

Ryan Karlin

Director of Product Management, OneTrust

Alex Cash

Director of Strategy, Consent & Preferences, OneTrust

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