Mitigating US privacy risk across marketing campaigns

The new era of US State privacy laws gives US consumers additional privacy rights beginning January 1, 2023. Important examples include the right to opt-out of data sharing and profiling, to limit the use of sensitive personal information (SPI), the right to rectification or correction, and the right to appeal. Get prepared for these newly expanded US consumer rights, and learn how to mitigate US privacy risk across marketing campaigns. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Understand the marketing operational impact of these newly expanded US consumer rights
  • Learn how to automate consumer rights request fulfillment
  • Understand how maturing request-based consumer rights processes to a preference-based approach can build trust with consumers and limit costly access & deletion requests.


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Featured speakers

Ethan Sailers

Solutions Engineer, OneTrust

Ashlea Cartee

Product Marketing Manager, OneTrust

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