Capture, Govern, Activate: How to Build a Powerful Marketing Data Strategy in 2022

Resource Consent and Preferences

Digitization and data-driven marketing accelerated this year, causing companies to re-think their data strategies. Privacy, tech, and governance teams are faced with a unique set of challenges — from data duplication and non-compliance to demonstrating proof of compliance while appropriately managing and activating consent and preferences.


How can companies instill a balance between all the data-related activities that lead to successful (and compliant) business objectives while prioritizing privacy? 


Watch this on-demand webinar with OneTrust Offering Manager Zachary Faruque to understand best practices for capturing, governing, and activating data to help improve ROI in 2022.


Key Takeaways

  • Gain an understanding of the shifting privacy and tech landscape
  • Learn how to empower your business to be an industry leader in customer trust and compliance
  • Understand the importance of enforcing consent to other platforms
  • Discover how properly demonstrate regulatory compliance with records of consent

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