OneTrust Consent Management for Publishers: Delivering a personalized user experience

September 23, 2019

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Delivering personalized ads is critical for publishers, ad tech vendors, and users themselves. Publishers want to be show the right content, ad tech vendors want to deliver that right content, and users are more likely to engage with and drive value from ads that are relevant.

The ecosystem is designed to show the right ads to the right user – and most importantly, with the right user consent. Global privacy laws like the GDPR highlight that user consent is imperative to delivering these personalized ad experiences.

But how do publishers manage user consent – oftentimes dealing with dozens of domains, thousands of users and millions of consent transactions across a variety of standards and frameworks – IAB Europe TCF v2.0, Google Ad Manager, Adobe Advertising Cloud, OTT, Facebook Pixel and and DAA AdChoices – just to name a few?

Register for the webinar: OneTrust Consent Management for Publishers: Delivering a Personalized User Experience on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 11:00 am ET / 16:00 BT

Publishers need a consent management provider (CMP) that works across regulations, standards and frameworks. And there’s where OneTrust Consent Management Platform (CMP) for Publishers and Advertisers comes into play. The CMP works across regulations and frameworks to give publishers and vendors the tools they need to deliver personalized advertisements in a compliant way.

Manage consent across frameworks and standards on mobile and web with OneTrust CMP, including:

  • IAB Europe TCF v2.0.
  • Google AdSense and Ad Manager
  • Salesforce DMP/Audience Studio
  • FreeWheel
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud
  • Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV
  • Facebook Pixel and Facebook Lookalike Audiences
  • DAA AdChoices
  • mParticle

and dozens of other consent standards and frameworks across mobile, web and TV.

Learn more in our press release: OneTrust Consent Management for Publishers Solution Supports Leading Consent Standards and Frameworks


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Leverage the fully customizable OneTrust CMP with features including:

  • Ongoing Website & Mobile App Scanning
  • Publisher-Specific Consent Collection
  • Geo-Targeting by Regions
  • User Preference Centers

and deliver a customized user experience with in-depth reporting platforms for A/B testing and to demonstrate compliance success and opt-in rates.

Want to learn more about how OneTrust CMP can deliver a great user experience and compliant, personalized ads? Be sure to  register for our webinar: OneTrust Consent Management for Publishers: Delivering a Personalized User Experience on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 11:00 am ET / 16:00 BT.


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