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OneTrust PreferenceChoice Ranked #1 CMP for Publishers by Adzerk Ad Tech Insights Report

As the top consent management platform, OneTrust PreferenceChoice powers billions of consent choices across 100,000+ websites now with cross-domain consent and A/B testing reports

March 25, 2020

Today OneTrust announced it is the top-ranked consent management provider (CMP) for publishers, according to Azderk’s Ad Tech Insights Report, Q1 2020. The report analyzes the top 10,000 U.S. and U.K. domains, and found more websites use OneTrust PreferenceChoice™ than any other IAB-registered publisher CMP. OneTrust also launched new A/B testing reports and cross-domain consent to better serve customer choices across its customer’s 100,000 websites.

Watch the webinar: Delivering a Personalized User Experience in the Age of Privacy

Publishers choose OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP to power customized experiences while giving users transparency and choice. Publishers can optimize consent rates across different user interactions using A/B testing and out of the box reporting. New cross-domain consent support from OneTrust encompasses consent across web, mobile, OTT and offline channels, all while remaining compliant. PreferenceChoice CMP empowers publishers to capture first-party data and consent while complying with global privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy) and industry frameworks (IAB, DAA).

OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP, publishers can:

  • Automate global compliance with CCPA, GDPR, ePrivacy, IAB Europe TCF v2.0, DAA AdChoices and hundreds of other laws and frameworks.
  • Share signals by syncing with Salesforce DMP, IAB TCF, Google DFP / AdSense / AdX, Google Tag Manager, Adobe DTM and more.
  • Protect ad revenue through header bidding/pre-bidding support and monetize content with first-party data.
  • Collect consent across audience touchpoints such as consent notices, banners, emails and even offline collection
  • Centralize consent records across platforms: Support for web, mobile apps, OTT, AMP and offline consent and preference collection with support for cross-domain consent
  • Earn audience trust with a transparent consent notice that empowers audiences to control choices and preferences
  • Drive opt-ins and engagement by tracking and analyzing consent rates with pre-built, real-time dashboards and reporting, A/B testing and monitoring to maximize opt-in rates.
  • Integrate with existing tech stack and protect investments with easy integration with Adobe Advertising Cloud, Facebook, FreeWheel, mParticle, Salesforce Audience Studio and more.

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“Audiences are increasingly privacy savvy, but also expect personalized experiences,” said Kabir Barday, OneTrust CEO and Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP). “Our global platform helps publishers maintain compliance while delivering on user expectations. More publishers are choosing OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP than any other vendor because we have the deep privacy knowledge to comply with CCPA, GDPR, ePrivacy and others, alongside our work with industry leaders like IAB and DAA. We power our publisher customers to capture first-party data, deliver personalized user experiences and remain compliant in today’s everchanging ad tech ecosystem.”

To learn more, watch the webinar: Delivering a Personalized User Experience in the Age of Privacy. For additional information or to request a live OneTrust PreferenceChoice demo, visit


About Adzerk

Adzerk is the market leader in ad serving APIs and handles 3 billion+ API requests a day. Ad Tech Insights is a suite of reports detailing Ad Tech industry trends. Currently it hosts three reports. All of them look at the Top 10K US and Top 10K UK sites according to Alexa’s Site Rankings. Every report is updated quarterly, during the first month of each quarter.

About OneTrust PreferenceChoice™
OneTrust PreferenceChoice™ enables marketing teams and publishers to drive engaging user experiences and build trust while demonstrating compliance across 100s of global data privacy regulations, including the CCPA, TCPA, CASL and GDPR. With PreferenceChoice, organizations can implement privacy into marketing and sales activities, collect user consent and preferences across channels, scan for website and mobile app tracking technologies, automate consumer rights requests, and maintain historical consent records in a central location.

OneTrust PreferenceChoice is a part of OneTrust, the #1 most widely used privacy, security and trust platform used by more than 5,000 customers and powered by 75 awarded patents. OneTrust PreferenceChoice seamlessly integrates with the entire OneTrust platform, including, OneTrust Privacy, OneTrust Vendorpedia™, OneTrust GRC and OneTrust Ethics.

For more, visit or connect on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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