Consent Management 101: Basics to Build the Ultimate CMP

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With the expansion of global privacy laws putting an emphasis on how customer data is collected and used, it’s likely that your organization needs a consent management platform (CMP). Whether it’s for your website, mobile application or even CTV application, there are different components that go into building the ultimate CMP.


Forward-thinking organizations are not only building a CMP to meet compliance standards, but also making it a positive part of the user experience to help build brand trust.


Watch this on-demand OneTrust webinar to learn the key fundamentals behind building the ultimate CMP.


Key Takeaways

  • Gain insight into different regulatory requirements around the world
  • Discover the opportunity to embrace consent requirements and improve customer trust
  • Understand best practices to build a CMP that meets various requirements set by regulations while providing a streamlined experience across devices
  • Uncover tips for working across your privacy and marketing teams to get your CMP up and running smoothly

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