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OneTrust Supports CI/CD Pipeline with Mobile App Scanning API

OneTrust Provides a Simple, Scalable API for Creating, Scanning, and Re-Scanning Applications

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The mobile application economy will again set new records in 2021. According to a review of the global app ecosystem in 2021, first-time app installs grew to 143.6 billion during the year. While the rise of mobile apps is critical for business growth, it’s essential that developers address guidelines for how data is collected within apps set out by regulators such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).  

With OneTrust Mobile App Consent, it is easy to implement privacy by design into an organization’s mobile strategy. OneTrust’s solution scans and re-scans an organization’s mobile app for privacy permissions, frameworks, and  software development kits (SDKs) and generates a report to help business units and developers understand the app’s “privacy health.” Enabling scanning and report generation through an API simplifies the operational task of verifying the app before release. In addition, the platform provides organizations flexible methods to collect user consent within their applications and gives users greater control over their settings with a privacy preference center.  

Mobile App Scanning API Reinforces CI/CD Best Practices

The OneTrust team understands the manual effort that can go into building and managing mobile applications. That’s why OneTrust built a Mobile App Scanning API to help support CI/CD pipeline for developers. OneTrust’s Mobile App Scanning Solution provides a simple, scalable API for uploading, scanning and re-scanning apps for both iOS and Android.  

OneTrust supports the continuous integration (CI) and continuous deliver (CD) agile methodology. It’s important for developers to have a consistent way to build and package applications and automate the delivery to selected infrastructure environments without any major hurdles. OneTrust’s Mobile App Scanning API removes the time-consuming task of downloading, packaging, and uploading files to trigger app scans. After a brand’s application is ready for a release, the API functionality now automatically triggers the scan.  

The Importance of Mobile App Scanning

As one of the first important steps in setting up a CMP for your mobile application, OneTrust’s scanning functionality enables businesses to understand the data that is being collected from the application, including SDKs, tracking technologies, and third parties accessing user data. Additionally, categorize SDKs based on data processing (strictly necessary, performance, targeting, etc.) A combination of these considerations will give a clear picture of your app privacy health.  

Request a demo to see Mobile App Scanning in action and learn how OneTrust can support your CI/CD methodology! For customers, log in now for further documentation

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