OneTrust + Adobe = Automated consent orchestration

The integration allows Adobe Experience Platform users to seamlessly develop personalized campaigns and marketing rules that honor real-time consent data

Alex Cash
Director of Strategy, OneTrust Consent & Preferences 
March 20, 2023

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Adobe Experience Platform makes personalization possible on a large scale for enterprises, allowing them to use customer data to deliver valuable user experiences. In today’s privacy-focused environment, providing these personalized experiences powered by consented data allows organizations to keep their consumers’ privacy a priority while giving them a unique experience tailored to their preferences. OneTrust Consent and Preferences enables businesses to do this by integrating consent data into Adobe Experience Platform within Adobe Privacy and Security Shield. 

“Evolving global data protection laws and consumer privacy expectations have made consented first-party data critical to marketers,” said Arun Karthick Manoharan, product director for Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe. “Leveraging Adobe’s advanced consent enforcement capabilities to automate and govern data use, OneTrust’s integration with Adobe Experience Platform enables brands to ensure marketers only access and use consented data to deliver personalized experiences.”

How does the integration work? 

This integration can be broken down into 5 steps from consent capture to activating personalized campaigns without compromising consumer privacy. 

Step 1: Consent Capture

Capture consumers’ consent and preferences around data collection and usage using OneTrust Consent and Preferences.

Step 2: Consent Storage

Consent data is then collected and stored in the OneTrust consent database. Centralize consent data collected across domains, browsers, apps, and devices to build detailed audit trails and support proof of compliance. This data is then integrated with Adobe Experience Platform for activation. 

Step 3: Consent Enforcement

Set consent policies in place in Adobe Experience Platform using only consumer profiles that have provided consent for your data use case. To set a personalization campaign, for example, define the marketing action taking place (e.g. cross-site targeting), and then set which consent field to filter out for, in this case only those who consented to personalized content. 

Step 4: Consent Insights

After setting these policies in place, Adobe Experience Platform then provides insights on the consent data in use, displaying what percentage of overall users are qualified for different types of campaigns based on their preference data. 

Step 5: Consent Activation

When activating campaigns for different user segments, the integration with OneTrust Consent and Preferences will now ensure that this consent data is activated, letting Adobe Experience Platform users know that their campaigns are going to an addressable audience that takes the desired user segment and consent policies into account. 

What are the main benefits of the integration?

OneTrust Consent and Preferences with Privacy Shield and Security Shield allows users to do the following:

Consent Data Intake

  • Keep consumer data secure throughout collection, storage, and activation 
  • Maintain consistent use of data in line with data governance and privacy policies


Consent Data Management

  • Have consent solutions in place based on applicable privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA), including industry-specific regulations (HIPAA, GLBA)
  • Enable consent policies across marketing campaigns using real-time data with ease 
  • Automate consent connectivity throughout campaigns


Consent Data Optimization

  • Build unified profiles that include user consent and preference data 
  • Get insights into consent data and consumer preferences to deliver valuable privacy-first experiences


About OneTrust Consent and Preferences

OneTrust exists to unlock every company’s potential to thrive by doing what’s good for people and the planet. We partner with our customers on their trust transformation, as we believe what’s good for society is good for business. OneTrust Consent and Preferences helps organizations build privacy-first personalized experiences across all devices, ensuring compliance and going beyond with first party data strategies.

Learn more about how OneTrust Consent and Preferences can help your organization with a free demo.  

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