OneTrust adds Adobe Cloud Extension to help marketers with global privacy compliance

March 27, 2018

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At the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, OneTrust announced a new privacy management platform extension for Launch by Adobe, which helps simplify General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy (Cookie Law) consent management for marketers.  Launch by Adobe is Adobe’s tag-management capability, built into Adobe Cloud Platform.

Under the GDPR and ePrivacy, marketers face increased regulatory requirements around consent, handling cookies and other technologies, electronic communications, and data subject rights under the GDPR and ePrivacy laws. Because of this, OneTrust created a suite of Marketing and Web Compliance tools that helps guide customers towards compliance. The new suite includes solutions for data subject rights (DSAR)consent and preference management and cookie consent and website scanning. 

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Specifically, OneTrust’s new extension for Launch by Adobe will help data controllers better address consent obligations while enhancing privacy processes.  The solution simplifies the end-to-end experience of collecting consent and respecting customer preferences with Adobe, utilizing OneTrust’s suite of privacy management technologies to clear an accelerated path toward GDPR and ePrivacy compliance

To learn more about the new extension for Launch by Adobe, read our press release or request a demo today.

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