OneTrust Consent and Preferences now integrates with Tealium IQ

Tealium IQ launched Consent Integrations for their tag management system, enabling seamless privacy-first marketing campaigns

Ashlea Cartee
Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneTrust
April 21, 2023

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In an era where privacy regulations are evolving every day, integrating consent and preference management with a tag management system (TMS) is fast becoming a necessity. This combined approach ensures that businesses can respect user privacy while still collecting and leveraging essential data to drive their digital marketing efforts. By incorporating consent management, Tealium IQ with OneTrust empowers organizations to obtain and track user consent in a transparent and compliant manner, allowing them to tailor their tracking and targeting strategies based on individual preferences. 

This not only fosters trust between users and businesses, but also allows for more personalized marketing experiences, ultimately leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Furthermore, integrating consent and preference management helps organizations stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, reducing the risk of non-compliance and the potential for costly penalties.

“Consent is the new currency, and every customer touchpoint needs to be founded in trust and transparency in order to collect meaningful, actionable consent," said Alex Cash, Director of Strategy, Consent & Preferences at OneTrust. “OneTrust’s CMP is the most widely used in the world and backed by the market-defining Trust Intelligence Platform. Consent Integrations combined with OneTrust provides users with a whole new level of control and ease of use, ensuring consent and preferences are respected so they can build trust with consumers, meet regulatory requirements, and drive a culture of responsible data use.”

With OneTrust now able to seamlessly integrate with Tealium IQ, users can now ensure that their marketing campaigns only take place after certain consent decisions are in place, according to the model (opt-in vs. opt-out). OneTrust supports both opt-in and opt-out modes with Tealium, empowering privacy-first marketing campaigns, and enabling organizations to maintain compliance in all applicable jurisdictions regardless of the consent mechanism that they require. 


Opt-in model

In the opt-in model, Tealium IQ will not fire any tags, or set cookies until consent has been recorded by OneTrust’s Consent Management Platform (CMP). If consent isn’t provided, then the action does not take place. In the case of a user going back and reversing their consent decision, Tealium IQ will now be updated, with OneTrust’s CMP recording the updated decision, and affecting the marketing and analytics tags accordingly.


Opt-out model

In the opt-out model, once the customer visits a website and the tag management system loads, it checks the integrated CMP records to ensure no opt-out action has occurred. If that is the case, Tealium IQ will continue loading and firing tags. However, if the customer has opted out, then no further action will be taken in the system. 


How can OneTrust help your organization

With OneTrust, companies can now balance the priorities of privacy, personalization, and dynamic marketing experiences – ensuring that customer privacy is still respected while delivering innovative marketing campaigns. For more information on the integration, read the press release from Tealium

Learn more about OneTrust Consent and Preferences and how it can help your organization. 

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