Third-party cookies are going away, that is a fact, but personalization is here to stay.  To stay relevant in this new advertising ecosystem, marketers must balance consumers’ expectations around privacy but still deliver a personalized user experience.  While this may seem impossible to achieve, we can assure you it’s not as tough as it sounds.  

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What’s the solution to this paradox?  

First-Party Data Capture.  

On Thursday, September 16th, OneTrust launched our enhanced first-party data capture solution to help bridge the gap between privacy and marketing activities. This solution supports our customers build trust with their audience through consent and preference management as they evolve alongside the changing technical and regulatory landscape.  

As a part of the OneTrust Consent and Preference Management platform, this first-party data solution helps deepen direct customer relationships by capturing first-party data and activating it to deliver personalized engagements. Organizations can now simplify and automate data governance and compliance by implementing configurable rules for first-party data use across marketing platforms.  

What is First-Party Data and Why Does it Matter? 

Organizations can leverage several types of data to provide their audience with a personalized user experience. Zero and first-party data directly provided from consumers, behavioral data, or transactional data documented when a consumer interacts with a brand.  

If you think about these different data types as a spectrum of respecting privacy and a benchmarker of trust, the collection of zero- and first-party data would have the highest privacy rating.  These two data sources require relationship building with the consumer and marketers must demonstrate their trustworthiness. While second-and third-party data can still be collected in a privacy-conscious way their collection and use are becoming increasingly regulated by governments as well as the tech industry.  

There are a variety of challenges marketers face when it comes to making first-party data work for them.  The first challenge is obtaining data from their audience. Consumers are more privacy-conscious than ever before and have more brands to choose from.  One way a brand can distinguish itself from competitors is by focusing on building trust through privacy.   

To do this, an organization must demonstrate its commitment to privacy. This can be done through a first-party capture form that highlights their responsibility as a data steward and communicates the value exchange of sharing data. 

Some other challenges marketers face as they shift from third-party cookies to first-party data capture is the lack of centralized management and activating that data in a compliant way. You may find yourself wondering where your data goes once it’s been collected? Organizations have access to vast amounts of data, but this means little if it is inaccessible. Or even worse, finding the data but not using it to its fullest potential.  

OneTrust has enhanced our solution to help ease those kinds of growing pains. 

How Does OneTrust’s  Support Organizations Transition From Third-Party Cookies?

OneTrust’s enhanced first-party data solution helps organizations build future-proof marketing and sales strategies in an evolving advertising environment, giving users a competitive edge. Customers can customize data capture forms to maximize reach, engagement, and overall consumer trust by bringing personalization to every touchpoint of the consumer journey. Additionally, users can automatically centralize and sync marketing-consented data to MarTech tools to meet compliance requirements before launching remarketing campaigns using real-time, first-party data. 

Register for the webinar: Solve Your Privacy-Personalization Paradox with First-Party Data taking place September 29, 11:00 am EDT/ 4:00 pm BST 

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