OneTrust launches Consent Banner Testing feature

April 21, 2021

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Today, OneTrust launched a new consent banner test feature that allows customers to test their consent management platform (CMP) on a live website before publishing it to the actual website. With this feature, customers can simply configure their CMP, choose the geographical region they’d like to view the CMP in.  Then select “Publish Testing” in the scripts section to test what the CMP would look like on the actual website of the selected region. 

This feature is incredibly useful for companies seeking to implement a CMP that is compliant and also enhances the user experience.  

Balancing UX with consent 

Regulations like the GDPR and CCPA and frameworks like IAB TCF require consent to be captured on digital properties before initiating tracking, analytics, and targeted advertisements. Since GDPR went into effect in May 2018, the web has turned into a jungle of consent pop-ups.  As a result, capturing consent has become a challenge as consumers face consent fatigue. 

It is crucial to build and test a CMP that provides a user-friendly experience that doesn’t hinder the consumer journey. Testing a cookie banner before publishing it onto a live website is a critical step. By completing a live banner review you have the chance to catch any mistakes and also get a better feel for the actual user experience. 

Benefits of OneTrust’s Consent Banner Testing feature 

Test within the OneTrust platform with a live URL 

With the new testing feature, customers can test their CMP within the OneTrust platform. No need to copy the testing script onto your testing website – you can simply view the CMP on the testing live link that pops up after pressing “Publish Testing”. 

View banner in different geographical gegions

Companies with website visitors from around the world must deploy a CMP that meets multiple jurisdiction requirements. This testing feature allows employees that are operating in, for example, the United States but need to preview what the CMP looks like for EU visitors, to easily do so. Simply select the geographical region you’d like to view the CMP in and voila – simple as that. 

Copy testing link to get approval from internal teams 

Many developers, marketers, or product owners configure the CMP but look to their legal team for advice on privacy requirements. With the new testing feature, customers can copy the testing URL from the OneTrust application and share it with internal teams to show them what the CMP will look like on their website before making it live. 

Get started today 

OneTrust’s CMP provides a comprehensive solution for managing consent on web, mobile, OTT, and CTV applications. Through OneTrust’s CMP, companies can collect, manage and maximize consent opt-ins, while automating global compliance with CCPA, GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, IAB Europe TCF v2.0, DAA AdChoices , and hundreds of other laws and frameworks. In addition to this OneTrust customers are able to:  

  • Audit websites and applications to understand first- and third-party cookies, SDKs, privacy policies, cookie notices, tags, beacons, local storage objects, and other tracking technologies. 
  • Configure your templates & geolocation and styling in the OneTrust platform
  • Go to “Live Preview” and preview the testing version on your live production website
  • Customize banners for websites and applications using built-in consent approach options.   
  • Prime Apple iOS 14 app consumers with an app tracking transparency pre-prompt before consent for IDFA is captured. 
  • Share consent signals by syncing with Salesforce DMP, IAB TCF, Google DFP / AdSense / AdX, Google Tag Manager, Adobe DTM, and more.  
  • Centralize consent records across platforms, including web, mobile apps, OTT, AMP, and offline consent and preference collection with support for cross-domain consent.  
  • Drive opt-ins and engagement by tracking and analyzing consent rates with pre-built, real-time dashboards and reporting, A/B testing, and monitoring to maximize compliant opt-in rates.  
  • Integrate with existing tech stack and protect investments with easy integration with Adobe Advertising Cloud, Facebook, FreeWheel, mParticle, Salesforce Audience Studio, and more. 

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