New OneTrust platform simplifies compliance challenges for marketers

March 6, 2018

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Organizations collect massive amounts of personal data from web forms, mobile apps, paper forms, phone calls, emails and more. Given the stringent criteria required for valid consent under the General Data protection Regulation (GDPR), collecting proper consent in practice can be challenging. That’s why OneTrust launched its Universal Consent and Preference Management solution

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Maintaining an accurate audit trail of valid consent is becoming increasingly important, specifically within marketing departments. Under the GDPR, consent is one of six legal grounds that marketers can rely on to process personal data, and for consent to be valid it must be: 

  • Freely given
  • Specific 
  • Informed and unambiguous 
  • Given with a clear affirmative action 

In addition, under the GDPR, the burden falls on the controller organization to prove the consent is valid, requiring consent record to be maintained to show who consented, when they consented, how they consented and what they were told at the time. In response, many organizations have moved towards implementing a consent-based GDPR compliance strategy for marketing activities. 

OneTrust’s Universal Consent and Preference Management tool simplifies these challenges that marketing teams face and helps organizations collect valid consent. By integrating seamlessly into an organizations existing marketing and IT technologies, the OneTrust platform manages the entire consent lifecycle, from collection to withdrawal. Key features of OneTrust’s Universal Consent and Preference Management platform include:  

  • Integrating into existing consent collection points (web forms, mobile apps, emails, support calls, paper forms) to collect and generate a record of valid consent 
  • A preference center to provide data subjects with greater control over communication settings 
  • A high-level dashboard and granular reporting for internal and regulatory audits 
  • Data feeds to sync consent and preference setting with existing marketing technologies (CRM, MAP, CMS, etc.) 

View a 5-minute Universal Consent and Preference Management solution demo.

We are excited for the addition of OneTrust Universal Consent and Preference management solution into our market-leading platform. This tool is a critical addition to the OneTrust Marketing and Web compliance suite. 

For more information, read our press release or request a demo today. 

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