OneTrust integrates with Salesforce to enable trusted data use

Manage your Salesforce environment with a privacy-first approach through OneTrust Universal Consent & Preference Management

Ashlea Cartee
OneTrust Product Marketing Manager, Consent & Preferences
September 6, 2023

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In today's world, technology and data serve as the bedrock for business expansion. However, managing and leveraging data effectively presents significant challenges, owing to data dispersion, privacy regulations, and limitations on budget and resources. While generating data is crucial for empowering your tech stack, it is rendered useless without a privacy-centric infrastructure. Effective management of the data ecosystem, with an emphasis on privacy and consent management, not only enables individuals to exercise their privacy rights but also allows your sales and marketing teams to engage with customers who have given their consent, all while maintaining privacy safeguards. This, in turn, adds a layer of trust to your business data. Consent management is pivotal as it empowers individuals to exercise their privacy rights while enabling your sales and marketing teams to interact with consenting customers, keeping privacy boundaries intact. 

When data flows, trust grows

Integrations to help data flow can be cumbersome, requiring expert-level developer knowledge to properly map fields and data between Salesforce and other systems.

That’s why OneTrust Consent & Preferences offers out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The integration wizard helps organizations facilitate easier data transfers between OneTrust Universal Consent & Preference Management and Salesforce. The native integrations enable streamlined configurable data mappings and consent flow synchronization to Salesforce.

Benefits of the native Salesforce Integration with OneTrust Consent & Preferences include:  

  • Real-time synchronization of consent and preference choices   
  • Reduced time to implement an integration with Salesforce    
  • Increased marketing-consented databases  
  • Centralization of consent details and customer data   
  • Implementation of protective measures and controls across Salesforce   
  • Valid proof of consent for compliance purposes  


How the Salesforce integrations work


Salesforce Marketing Cloud + OneTrust  

Combining consent with your trusted first-party data to build personalized journeys allows your organization to continue running high-performing campaigns while honoring user privacy. Collect consent, marketing preferences, and durable identifiers using OneTrust, then enforce data downstream into Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create journeys, email programs, and segments based on the consent and preferences of individuals.  


Salesforce Sales Cloud + OneTrust 

Enable sellers to connect with buyers based on sales consent. Respect your customers’ wishes when they request specific forms of contact from your company or opt-out of certain types of data usage. Using OneTrust, capture and document consent for sales and marketing purposes that are automatically populated into lead records within Salesforce CRM. 


OneTrust Consent & Preferences

OneTrust Consent & Preferences enables organizations to honor consent throughout the data lifecycle, driving privacy-first user experiences, business innovation, and brand trust.  Balance personalization with privacy compliance by capturing, managing, and enforcing purpose-based consent, marketing preferences, and persistent identifiers, from data collection to channel activation and destruction. 

As the first and leading consent solution in the market, OneTrust is the only platform that serves as a centralized record of consent scaled across web, mobile, and CTV platforms to create privacy-driven data value for the business.  

With OneTrust you can: 

  • Capture: Configure a consent management platform (CMP) paired with customized web forms and preference centers to provide a holistic multi-touch digital experience that collects and tracks purpose-based consent, preferences, and identifiers throughout the consumer journey.  
  • Manage: As a source of truth for consent and purpose, consolidate and unify multiple consent actions provided by an individual as they engage with brands as an unknown user and transition to known/authenticated.  
  • Enforce: Signal purpose-based consent and preferences downstream into marketing and IT systems so you feel confident that your use of data aligns with the most up-to-date privacy choices.  

Using a consent and preference management platform paired with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud enables your team to capture, store and sync consent, preferences, and first-party data trusted campaigns that don’t jeopardize customer privacy.   

Learn more about OneTrust Universal Consent & Preference Management.

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