OneTrust’s Consent and Preference Management Platform captures millions of consent transactions

September 20, 2021

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Today OneTrust announced it is the most widely used consent and preference management platform capturing over 450 million consent transactions per day, over 3 billion consent transactions a week. Over 750,000 websites and applications leverage OneTrust’s consent management platform (CMP) to manage users’ consent and preferences. From CMPs to self-service preference centers to first-party data capture forms, OneTrust empowers is empowering over 10,000 organizations with the toolset to give more control to consumers with how their data is used. 

As the top consent and preference management platform for web, mobile, and CTV applications, OneTrust’s technology allows organizations to use one tool to capture, centralize, govern and sync data while keeping trust and transparency at the forefront of all consumer interactions.   

OneTrust’s CMP was also ranked #1 by Kevel’s Ad Tech Insight Report, Q3 2021. The report analyzes the top 10,000 U.S. domains and found more websites use OneTrust for consent management.

Build Trust with Consent and Preference Management  

Creating personalized experiences while respecting consumer privacy is a growing challenge for marketing and AdTech teams in the age of privacy. As consumers become more privacy-conscious and regulations continue to expand globally, businesses must be transparent with their data collection and usage to build trust and maintain relationships with their customers. 

From learning about a brand to receiving relevant messaging and timely discounts to taking their first action, it’s important to understand the impact privacy has on brand perception. As a result, the desire to engage only with brands that respect and protect consumer data is growing – so is the emphasis on trust.  

OneTrust Consent and Preference Management 

OneTrust PreferenceChoice provides the toolset to bring privacy and digital activities together through transparency, choice, and trust. Take a privacy-first approach to consumer experiences and data collection across websites, mobile apps, CTV platforms, and more —all while adhering to global privacy requirements from the GDPR, CCPA and others. 

  • Provide Transparency: Help customers understand the consent that you hold on them, how you may collect additional personal data, and the policies and procedures in place to protect that data  
  • Empower and Respect Choices: Collect consent, preferences, and first-party data and give consumers constant access and control to take action if desired and respect changes across all channels. 
  • Centralize and Activate Data: Centralize stored customer consent, preferences, and first-party data for proof of compliance and activate data across domains, platforms, and systems. 
  • Improve ROI: Track and analyze consent rates with pre-built, real-time dashboards and reporting, deploy A/B testing, and monitor to maximize opt-in and reduce unsubscribes.

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