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Deliver personalized ads in accordance with the GDPR & ePrivacy

GDPR Articles 7, 21 & ePrivacy

OneTrust Consent Management for Publishers helps publishers collect valid consent as defined under the GDPR. The tool also uses the IAB Europe Framework to help publishers work with ad tech vendors, so they can deliver ads to website visitors without violating the GDPR and ePrivacy requirements.


GDPR and ePrivacy Compliance for Publishers Working with Ad Tech Vendors

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy, publishers must obtain active opt-in consent before an ad tech vendor can deliver targeted ads using personal information. As a result, publishers need a way to share a website visitors’ consent preferences with ad tech vendors to make sure targeted ads aren’t delivered without the user’s consent.

IAB Europe developed the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework to streamline consent communication between publishers and ad tech vendors. As a registered consent management provider, OneTrust helps publishers obtain valid consent and uses the IAB Europe Framework to share consent preferences with ad tech vendors for compliant ad delivery.

Publisher-Specific GDPR Consent Collection

Maximize opt-in and collect valid consent from site visitors to enable the compliant delivery of personalized ads.

  • Collect active opt-in consent using a publisher-specific, tailorable template to match your brand
  • Monitor opt-in rates over time to better test and optimize consent collection
  • Remember site visitor’s preferences to create a seamless user experience and compliant ad delivery
  • Record audit trail of text and policy changes for record keeping to demonstrate compliance
Publisher-Specific GDPR Consent Collection

IAB Europe Framework Integration

OneTrust integrates with the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework to help publishers share consent preferences with ad tech vendors.

  • Embed IAB-registered consent management technology directly on your site or via your tag manager for simplified ad compliance
  • Securely share website visitors’ consent preferences via the IAB Europe Framework to help enable your ad tech vendors to deliver compliant personalized ads
  • Create an experience for website visitors that protects their privacy and prioritizes GDPR compliance
IAB Europe Framework Integration

Ongoing Website Scanning

Publishers can automatically scan websites to identify changes to tracking and cookie technology that may affect GDPR and ePrivacy compliance, as well as digital ad delivery.

  • Scan your website against the world’s largest cookie database to identify and define the purpose of cookies on your site
  • Remain aware of any changes to your website with scheduled, automatic website scans
  • Update opt-in consent options to reflect changes that could affect compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy
Ongoing Website Scanning

Why OneTrust Consent Management for Publishers


Through our ability to execute and emphasis on keeping pace with industry innovation, OneTrust becomes the first privacy management software platform to become an IAB Europe-registered consent management provider.


Our research fuels our product team’s innovation, by keeping an eye on emerging privacy compliance innovations across industries, such as the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework.


Our global services team offers publishers the GDPR and ePrivacy expertise to make sure your organization can deliver the same great customer experience without taking on unnecessary compliance risk.


With a growing community of 2,000+ privacy practitioners, publishers will gain the support of industry peers that are developing and sharing privacy compliance best practices.

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